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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Pretty Fly For a Rabbi

It’s Friday! That means once again it is time for the Scavenger Hunt here on TWC! My name is Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost on the weird world of Twitter and each week I compile five clips from the magical world of wrestling for you to take a look at! What wonders/disasters await this week?

Let’s begin!

NWA Florida
Southern Heavyweight Championship Match
Lex Luger vs Bad News Allen

Kicking off with a match for NWA Florida’s Southern Heavyweight Championship as the 1986 Rookie Of The Year Lex Luger faces Bad News Allen!

Discovered by amateur and professional wrestler Bob Roop in 1985, Luger was trained by Hiro Matsuda who had trained Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff, Ron Simmons and Keiji Mutoh among others. Luger held the NWA Florida Southern Title three times and in his first full year in wrestling he battled Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Championship in a time limit draw.

Bad News Allen won gold at the Pan American Games in Judo in 1967 and 1975 and the bronze medal at the 1986 Olympic Games. Trained by Antonio Inoki and the Stu Hart, Bad News Allen worked for NJPW, Stampede then NWA Florida where he did win the Southern Championship but not in this match. The result was overturned a few days later after this match.

A rookie Luger gets momentarily tricked by the Ultimate Warrior (as he was known before Jim Hellwig used the name) Bad News Allen in NWA Florida!

1st August 2015
Mason Myles vs “No Comparison” Joe Harrison

OMG IJH! Finally highlighting a wrestler who I chat with on Twitter (about Funko Pop Vinyl figures mostly) and is a cool guy. Inspired by the late Roddy Piper and gives his all in the ring, Joe Harrison (@joeyh1984) in the red can be seen at C4W in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Having competed in the first ever casket match in C4W history and being a former C4W No Limits and C4W Tag Champ, he took part in a War Games match for the C4W Tag Titles in late July.

Catch Joe, Mason Myles (@RisingTideMyles) and all the C4W roster at a C4W show soon!

Israeli Pro Wrestling Association
16th August 2012
IPWA Championship Match
Rabbi Swissa vs Tatanka

Action now from Israel as the Native American Tatanka (@NativeTatanka) takes on Rabbi Swissa for the IPWA Championship. Broadcast on the Israeli Sports Network ONE, this is the second time I have put a match from Israel on the Scavenger Hunt. In recent years Tatanka has been making regular trips to Europe including the UK, Germany, and Denmark where he continues to tour to this day. Tatanka vacated the title seven days later.
Rabbi Swissa is Russian born Gery Roif and he created IPWA in 2003 and ran shows until 2014 when the company ceased operations.

Israeli wrestling here on the Scavenger Hunt!

7th February 2015
Andrea The Giant/Delilah Doom vs Mary Jane Payne/Sage Sin Supreme

I’ve been looking for a Delilah Doom (@delilah_doom) match for a while for the Hunt and stumbled upon this match from February of this year as Doom teams with Andrea The Giant! Their opponents are Sage Sin Supreme (@sage_sin) who has the pumpkin face paint and Mary Jane Payne. Sage Sin competed in the IWA-Mid South Queen Of The Deathmatch tournament for the first time and has been competing overall for two years. Mary Jane debuted in 2009 and competes mostly in the Northwestern American promotions.

Delilah Doom I find adorable! Trained by Funaki and debuting in 2014, Delilah is currently working for various Texas promotions mainly Inspire Pro, River City Wrestling and Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence. This IHWC show was held in California instead of Texas. Delilah Doom has been involved in a feud against Angelus Layne in Inspire Pro and those two do battle on September 13th in a Street Fight! Doom’s tag partner in this video is Andrea The Giant. Real name Glenna Kamholz, she has been wrestling since 2007. 6 Foot 3 and 260 lbs makes her a very different type of women’s wrestler. She has won numerous titles on the indie scene and uses the chokeslam to end her matches.

All kinds of fun in this match and both Mary Jane and Sage Sin take big chokeslams!

And Finally…

16th April 1994
NJPW Super J Cup First Round Match
Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Hayabusa

Rounding up this week’s Scavenger Hunt is this classic bout from the 1994 Super J Cup tournament in NJPW between Jushin Liger and Hayabusa. The main reason I put this match in is (besides it being a great match) is that as of the end of last year Hayabusa walked with help from wrestlers and crutches to the ring having been paralyzed after a freak accident in a wrestling ring back in 2001. The strength and determination to walk again after 14 years is inspirational.
Sit back and enjoy a high impact match from two legends of wrestling.

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back next week for more of the good, bad and ugly of wrestling history! To check out previous Hunts click here.



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