HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Can Kana Kick It? (Yes She Can!)

Oh you didn’t know? My Twitter name is HobosGhost (real name Simon Knowles) and this is the Scavenger Hunt! For over a year I have been compiling five clips each week and it is has it’s fans (say hi some day!) so if you are new here then welcome! If you are a returning viewer then welcome back!

Let the randomness begin!

19th February 2000
WCW Television Championship Match
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Robert Gibson

Kicking off with a storyline that really did happen in WCW! Hacksaw Jim Duggan was (in storyline) working as a janitor in WCW when he found in the trash the WCW Television Championship that Scott Hall had discarded. So Jim Duggan set an open challenge and defended the title against Robert Gibson on this edition of WCW Saturday Night!

After this match William Regal as Lord Steven Regal came out and states he was a four time WCW Television Champion and he would put his career on the line for a shot at the title (that wasn’t technically active at that time). Regal lost the bout and left WCW in February before rejoining WWE and took on Just Joe on an episode of WWE Heat on 19th September 2000.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan stayed with WCW until the end of 2000 with WWE purchasing WCW in a ground breaking moment in wrestling in March 2001.

Great North Wrestling
Hannibal Promo on AJ Styles

A rather good promo I think as Hannibal prepared to defend his Great North Wrestling Championship against the (at the time) IWGP Heavyweight Champion of NJPW, AJ Styles last year! Hannibal is Devon Nicholson who has been in a legal battle with Abdullah The Butcher after Devon contracted Hepatitis C. Abdullah shared a blade and bladed Devon after blading himself. Devon had just been offered a WWE contract which was rescinded after the discovery of Hep C despite WWE’s no blood policy. Devon was happily cured and returned to wrestling on 10th May 2014.

Interesting he mentions Abdullah in this promo, great promo by Hannibal.

Lone Star Championship Wrestling
12th July 2015
Triple Threat Lone Star Women’s Championship Match
Barbi Hayden vs Ivelisse Velez vs Kenzie Sykes

Triple threat women’s match for the Lone Star Women’s Championship now as the champ Barbi Hayden takes on Kenzie Sykes and Lucha Underground’s very own Ivelisse Velez!

The event called “Bustin’ For Autism” and featured talent such as Colt Cabana, Tommy Dreamer, Lance Hoyt and Joey Ryan among others. There’s a reference made by a fan member to Barbi about her title reign being 2 years. Lone Star was a part of NWA from April 2011 until October 2014 when Lone Star cut ties with the organisation. Barbi defeated Rachel Summerlyn for the title on 14th September 2012 when Lone Star was NWA Lone Star. The title was left in a suspended state from September 2013 until Lone Star went independent with Barbi starting to defend the title more frequently as the first champ. So technically Barbi has been champ for nearly 3 years now rather than 2 years.

A pretty solid match with a couple of funny altercations between the charismatic Barbi and the front row. A tease is left at the end between Barbi and Ivelisse, one can only hope! I couldn’t help but laugh at Ivelisse refusing to high five the two kids that run up to her at the start of the video! Stay in character at all times!

28th January 1994
Kevin Sullivan/Greg Valentine vs Virgil/Barbarian

I never knew this happened and it’s intriguing to see! AAPW of Canada booked this match with both the late Nancy Benoit (who was married to Kevin Sullivan between 1992-1997) and WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa accompanying Sullivan and Valentine to ringside. All the competitors were not under contract with WWE or WCW so were free to wrestle where they pleased. The Barbarian did a tour with New Japan in March 1994 before rejoining WWE as Headshrinker Sionne. Kevin Sullivan was working for ECW among other promotions before joining WCW not long after this match. Greg Valentine and Virgil made sporadic appearances in WWE after they both departed.

It’s not a scientific encounter but intriguing nonetheless especially as Sabu and the Tazz Maniac from ECW run in and interfere!

And Finally…

14th October 2013
JWP Openweight Championship Match
Kana vs Hanako Nakamori

With the announcement that Kana has signed with WWE and will be reporting to NXT in late September, I couldn’t help but once again end a Scavenger Hunt with a Kana match. The 33 year old is considered one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world having wrestled for many promotions in Japan and for companies such as SHIMMER in the USA. It’s a shame I don’t speak Japanese as the long promo afterwards sounds like it is provoking to the crowd and the fellow JWP wrestlers. Kana worked as a freelance video game journalist and graphic designer which led to Microsoft sponsoring her (Kana had an Xbox 360 logo on her ring attire). Kana did retire for a year and a half after being diagnosed with inflammation of the kidneys called Nephritis in March 2006. To get herself over as a heel in 2010 she wrote a manifesto for the Weekly Pro-Wrestling Magazine where she attacked the whole Joshi Puroresu community, claiming all her fellow wrestlers had bad attitudes and bland personalities!

Her kicks are stiff and her submission holds look really painful….NXT is about to get a whole lot more interesting in the women’s division!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! I hope there was something here you liked and enjoyed! Thanks to Erik at TWC and to all you viewers, the video uploaders and the wrestlers themselves of course. Hope you pop back to this part of TWC next Friday for another episode! Check out previous episodes here! Happy hunting!



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