Brie Bella

The Divas Revolution: Who Is Worthy of Being Number One Contender

We’re hours away from the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw and one of the two titles being defended is the Diva’s title. A match scheduled for Night of Champions, Charlotte asked and received her title match a week early. Is she worthy of being the number one contender? Let’s have a quick rundown of this now complete division.

Written by: Angela Delgado

Alicia Fox

A former Diva’s champion herself, she has come a long way from being Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s wedding planner. But what has she done lately since? Not much aside of being Team Bella. In my opinion, underrated in the ring. Does she deserve a shot? I say, why not. She’s a veteran and has been in the WWE for almost 10 years. Highly unlikely though.

Becky Lynch

This fireball of energy. The Lass Kicker! To me, she’s just as good as Paige or Charlotte, however I think she will be taking a backseat to them for awhile. So mid or late 2016, I would love to see Becky as Diva’s Champion.

Brie Bella

“BRIIIIIIEEEEEE MOOOOOODDDEEE” *whiffs kick* Brie is tricky. One week it looks like she’s getting better and other weeks, she looks totally lost. To me, she tries to get the crowd behind her like how Daniel Bryan kicks to the chest and what not. The crowd eats it up, of course but what good does it do her? A feud between Brie and Nikki could’ve been money if the writing wasn’t so terrible when they were feuding, that ball was dropped. If Nikki loses the title, I don’t see Brie getting close to being a contender.


The former Funkadactyl finally got some edge on her after throwing Paige across the barricade. You would think she would’ve gotten some shot after that, but you know, the writing. With bodyguard/human bump Tamina on her side, these two make a good combo. I could see Tamina carrying around Naomi’s title ala Paul Heyman. Again, you probably won’t see her near the title for awhile or even ever.


The Queen of Harts. Second generation, and a former Diva’s champ herself. We haven’t seen much of Natalya lately since her husband Tyson Kidd was seriously hurt. She’s been doing a lot of house shows so hopefully her comeback to TV is soon and can be jumped in this Diva’s title hunt.


Since her debut after Wrestlemania 30, it’s clear that this is her division to take the charge of. Even at age 23, she already took a leadership role. Already a two time champ, I see her winning the title sooner rather than later. A rivalry with Charlotte for the Title can be money for years to come.

Sasha Banks

An already top five wrestler in the business now. If anyone deserve a sky rocket push, it’s the BOSS. Her match with Bayley already put her at the top so why not WWE ride with the hot hand? Sasha should be number one priority as the next number one contender.

Now since the two months of this Diva’s Revolution, is Charlotte worthy of being number one contender? Sure, but so are the other Divas on the roster. Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte is great and her talent is out of this world, but if you want to move forward with #GiveDivasAChance, GIVE THEM AN ACTUAL CHANCE. A beat the clock challenge isn’t going to cut it. Sticking them in teams isn’t going to cut it. Who deserves a chance?

There you have it. Who is worthy? My answer is Sasha Banks. How about you? Tweet me @angtweetz_ or leave a comment with your choice!


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