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NXT #297 Recap – Bayley Returns!

Hello! And welcome to another edition of my weekly NXT recap! Sorry I missed last week’s recap. I was focusing on my Diva’s revolution piece which you can read here. Now let’s get down to recapping this thing.

Written by: Angela Delgado (Twitter)

The show starts off with Prince Pretty himself, Tyler Breeze making his way to the ring getting ready for his match with Adam Rose. Side note, anyone who watches baseball, does anyone else notice that Tyler Breeze looks like Jacoby Ellsbury? No? Yes?…..ok back to the recap. Adam Rose comes out to different music and different attire. He’s a party pooper now….yeah. He comes out and cuts a promo and says he’s gonna poop on everything. Thank God for Bull Dempsey coming out and interrupting this nonsense. He comes down and asks Adam Rose to leave so he can fight Breeze. Adam Rose slaps Bull in the face and Breeze attacks Bull from behind. The Rose/Breeze match never happens and Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsey have a match next week.

“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs Danny Birch

I don’t understand the Perfect 10 gimmick or how it came about but it’s over at Full Sail so I guess Triple H sees something. You’re definitely not seeing that in the main roster. It’s weird because his personality or physique doesn’t connect with this Perfect 10 persona. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good in the ring, but the gimmick isn’t connecting with me. It’s connecting with the audience because shouting “10! 10! 10!” is easy to chant. A quick match, Dillinger hits his finisher and gets the victory

Backstage Segment # 1

Rhyno and Baron Corbin are being interviewed and saying that they aren’t worried about new comers Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. More on that match later.

Apollo Crews vs Solomon Crowe
Apollo Crews is every character you created in WWE games. From his “I can’t believe I’m really here!” entrance to his unique athleticism as a big guy. This match was his first to tell an actual story. The match started with a handshake and by the middle, Crowe looked frustrated. Crews went for a baseball slide out the ring and Crow blocked it by putting the ring apron on him and started taking cheap shots. This can be a nice little starter feud for Crews. As the commentators were mentioning, Crews and Crowe came up in the indies and know each other well. Crews picks up momentum, does his military press/moonsault and gets the victory.

Backstage Segment # 2

Dana Brooke and Emma are fed up with all these new girls coming up and feel left out in this resurgence in the Women’s Division. I tried to pay more attention. Every time Dana Brooke talks, I cringe. Poor Emma is stuck with this women for God knows how long. #FreeEmma

Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs Gargano and Ciampa

A back and forth match that could’ve gone either way. I’m surprised at the chemistry that Rhyno and Corbin have. I think having Rhyno by his side, we’re getting to see a different side of Corbin. Gargano seemed to have a strong advantage as he hits an enzguri and rolls him up for a pin. As Corbin kicked out, he popped up and hit Gargano with the End of Days for the victory as they advance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Backstage Segment # 3

As The Vaudvillains are backstage talking about how they are ready to win the Classic and honor the great Dusty, Blake and Murphy come in and invoke their rematch clause. That match will be taking place next week on NXT. Best part of that segment was when Blake and Murphy couldn’t pronounce “indubitably” and just called the Vaudvillains stupid.

Bayley’s Return!

Bayley returns to Full Sail for the first time as NXT Women’s Champion. She’s ecstatic as ever as she made her way to the ring. She went in the crowd and hugged pretty much anyone. The kids love her. The adults love her. I can’t wait for her to hit the main roster because she’s gonna make them MILLIONS in merch. Best part was when she brought Izzie, her number one fan, in the ring to celebrate…

Oh yeah, she has a match. Waiting in the ring was Sara Dobson. She immediately kicks Bayley as the match begins. Bayley is struggling for about five minutes then hits her with the Bayley to Belly for the win. Now for the best part….

After her victory, Bayley grabs the mic. She barely got a sentence out as Sasha Banks’ music hits as the crowd goes wild. Sasha Banks comes out and says she wasn’t out to belittle or berate her but rather she was out to congratulate her. Sasha goes on and says that she’s been hearing that their match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was THE match of the night and that they stole the show. Sasha says none of that was good enough for her. Bayley, in no hurry asks Banks if she wanted a rematch and for it to be 2 out of 3 falls, which sounds amazing but we all know what’s coming. Commissioner Regal comes out and makes the next Takeover match official. Bayley vs Sasha in a 30 minute Iron (Wo)Man match. IN THE MAIN EVENT! This is already the greatest match of all time and it didn’t even happen yet.

That’s it for this week’s NXT recap and I’ll catch you guys next time!


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