Chelsea Diamond

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Shine Bright Like a (Chelsea) Diamond!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt (#ScavengerHunt on Twitter). My name is Simon Knowles, I’m on Twitter under the random @HobosGhost name and each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling for you to take a look at and discuss if you wish. I’ve been doing this weekly segment for over one year and every Hunt is available for FREE here on TWC. Whether new or a regular viewer, welcome and let’s get started!

24th May 1994 (Recorded date)
Johnny B. Badd vs The Terrorist

Up first is Johnny B Badd AKA Marc Mero doing battle against another colourful WCW enhancement talent, the ill-named Terrorist on WCW Worldwide!

The Terrorist was David Canal who is mostly known as the Cuban Assassin as well as other names in the different territories include Mid-Atlantic, WCCW, Puerto Rico and Stampede Wrestling.

Johnny B Badd was in WCW for about five years between 1991-1996 having been trained by the Malenkos, Boris, Joe and Dean. Injury sidelined Badd in WWE where he wrestled for under two years. His last match in WWE was in a mixed tag match with Jacqueline in a losing effort to Christian and Sable at the UK exclusive event “Capital Carnage”.

Johnny B Badd takes out The Terrorist on WCW Worldwide with foreign commentary for added amusement!

Stampede Wrestling
15th September 2006
Stampede Championship Match
Apocalypse vs TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd)

Up next is a match between Apocalypse and Tyson Kidd in an outdoor match as rain and snow showers down on them! This was the halftime entertainment at the Calgary Stampeders vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers Canadian football game. Having wrestled in UK and the indie scene as TJ Wilson and for NJPW in Japan as the Stampede Kid (and even one appearance for ROH in 2004), Tyson Kidd signed for the WWE in 2007. Tyson was part of Florida Championship Wrestling when the FCW TV show was launched, winning the tag title with Harry Smith in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Joe Hennig (Curtis Axel) and Sebastian Slater (Heath Slater) on episode 7.

Tyson and Apocalypse do battle here in a football stadium while the rain and snow make things very tricky!

23rd April 2015
Cinderella Champions Fiesta Second Round Match
Io Shirai vs Chelsea Diamond

I have only recently checked out Chelsea Diamond (@stardomchelsea) in Japan so here she is holding her own against Io Shirai for STARDOM! The neice of one half of the Killer Bees, Brian B Blair, 21 year old Chelsea debuted in wrestling in October 2012 having been trained by Frank Reyes. She is a former Definitive Wrestling International Women’s Champion and current 1/3rd of the STARDOM Artist Of Stardom Champion with Kairi Hojo and Koguma. The AOS title is a trios title and the trio are called Candy Crush. Chelsea has been wrestling in Japan with Stardom since April of this year and is still there to this day.

Io Shirai is 25 years old and debuted on 4th March 2007. Her sister Mio Shirai is also a wrestler in Japan. Io Shirai was only 16 at the time of her debut and was still in high school! She was involved in an awkward situation when her and her ex partner Kazushige Nosawa were arrested at Narita International airport after marijuana was found smuggled in two paintings after they returned from Mexico. Shirai was never charged after it was revealed a Mexican based Japanese wrestler, Takuya Sugi, had planted the drugs after being promised an extension to his AAA contract in Mexico by Masahiro Hayashi. Hayashi was working as a liaison between AAA and Japan and had a personal grudge against Nosawa.

Chelsea Diamond gets an education against Io Shirai in STARDOM! Future looks bright though!

17th February 1990
Non Title Steel Cage Match
Destruction Crew vs Paul Diamond/Brad Rheighans

AWA action now as Paul Diamond and Brad Rheighans do battle against the AWA Tag Team Champions, Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom!
WWE fans will know the Destruction Crew better as the Beverly Brothers who never really had a real shot in WWE. You may or may not also recognize Paul Diamond. He was Kato of the Orient Express and then the replacement for Konnan as the futuristic monstrosity gimmick known as Max Moon!

Brad Rheighans also appeared in the WWE in 1987 but was used mostly as an enhancement talent as was a usual policy by WWE to use established stars from other promotions as enhancement for upcoming talent. Rheighans was with AWA from 1980 to 1987 when he left for WWE. He would make a few more appearances for AWA between NJPW tours from 1988-1990. He continued with NJPW until 1993 when he retired from in ring action.

Paul Diamond gets trapped with both members of the Destruction Crew inside the steel cage in AWA!

16th November 2000
WCW European Cup Match
Sting vs Kevin Nash

We conclude with a match from the Millennium Tour of Germany by WCW as Sting battles Kevin Nash for the European Cup! The commentary is in German as expected for a German TV broadcast in the last months of WCW’s existence as WWE’s rival. This match was the main event of the show which was a German exclusive Pay Per View. It would also be the second to last appearance of Sting in a WCW ring with the last being the main event of Nitro against long time foe Ric Flair on 26th March 2001.

Kevin Nash beat Alex Wright and Mike Awesome in a triple threat match earlier in the night to take on Sting for the trophy. Nash would team up with Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW Tag Team Championships which was his last title reign in WCW before WWE’s purchase of WCW.

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Hope you had fun checking out this random batch of clips. If you liked what you saw then feel free to check out the last years worth of hunts and look out for the #ScavengerHunt hashtag. Feel free also to go hunting yourself! Maybe you will find a curious match or promo that I haven’t found yet! Let me know via Twitter!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you return next Friday and every Friday after for the Scavenger Hunt on TWC!



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