SmackDown Recap – 9/17/15

Angie here again with another recap for you. Two in a row! I rarely watch Smackdown but after tonight, I’m going to start watching every week again. The wrestling is much better and not a lot of chatter. Let’s get to our recap.

Show starts off with the World Heavyweight and US Champ, Seth Rollins saying he’s going to make history at Night of Champions by defeating sure first ballot hall of famers, John Cena and Sting. He also goes on and says he’s going to make history by teaming with the current Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus to defeat his former brothers of The Shield, Reigns and Ambrose. Rollins also says he’s not worried about Sheamus cashing in at anytime. Sheamus’ music hits and he says he doesn’t want to be enemies with Rollins and that he’s still thinking about cashing in tonight. Here’s where Rollins plays the babyface in this exchange. Crowd is calling Sheamus stupid and Rollins said he agreed with them.

I don’t see Sheamus going the Rollins route and cashing in at a Wrestlemania. If he’s going to cash in, it’ll be before or after the Royal Rumble. Hopefully Rollins will be a face by then setting up a feud with Triple H….Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Paige and Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks and Naomi

This was one of the best diva’s tag matches in awhile. A lot of back and forth. Sasha being Sasha and Naomi is getting better in the ring every week. Team BAD is dominating most of the match and had Becky Lynch in the ring for awhile preventing the hot tag. As Becky got the hot tag, Paige was on a roll. Paige got in some painful kicks on Naomi. As Sasha was trying to get the distraction on Paige, Becky pulls her away. Didn’t matter anyway as Naomi got the roll on Paige and got the victory for Team BAD.

Backstage Segment # 1

Stardust is with his new cronies, The Ascension. It’s a weird combo, but they’re weird so it works. Stardust is talking about their upcoming match with Neville and and The Lucha Dragons. This is a fun little story here. The whole comic book vibe works. The only minor thing I’d like to see is if The Ascension can lose the black and red colors and just blend in with Stardust. They can be a solid faction.

Kofi Kingston vs D’Von Dudley

Man, if you don’t love The New Day, there’s something wrong with you and you don’t have a soul. They come out with their “Save The Tables” picket signs and one sign that says “BOOTY”. Woods says that the Dudleyz disrespect one woMAN and that is Mother Nature…and Kofi, with is great delivery says “YA GOTTA RESPECT YA MOMMA!” The Dudleyz make their way down and as the match is about to start, Kofi tries to get D’Von to sign the petition, D’Von breaks in half. D’Von is in control the entire match until Xavier Woods goes in for the distraction and Kofi gets the roll up pin win. A quick match and sets up nice for their title match at Night of Champions. I love that the Dudleyz are back but I hope The New Day are champs forever.

Backstage Segment # 2

This whole bit was cringeworthy. Team Bella are gearing up for their “BellaBration” which sounds stupid. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox are the party planners of this whole shin dig. Nikki is name dropping every celeb possible. This whole exchange is like a bad comedy…more on them later

Big Show vs Cesaro

It amazes me that the announce team is still so shocked that the Big Show is LARGE. “Look how huge the Big Show is! Look at that power!” We know. We’ve seen this for almost 16 years. The match is power vs power. I was hoping Cesaro pulled off the Neutralizer. He avoided two chockeslams in the most impressive way. And Big Show finally lands his KO Punch. I don’t understand why Big Show won clean here. What’s the point? Cesaro should be getting these victories. Guy has the look, the moves in the ring and the Cesaro Section. But don’t tell that to Vince. He just isn’t connecting.

Backstage Segment # 3

If you’re a WWE Tumblr fan girl, this promo was for you. Wasn’t Dean and Roman sooooo dreamy? And OMG Renee and Dean are wearing matching jackets! Oh there saying something about their match….Renee gets right to it and asks Roman who the third partner is going to be. Right, becasue we’re gonna find out on Smackdown? Roman says he’s seeking revenge on his Uce and cousin Jimmy Uso and that the can’t wait to get in ring with the “Sellout” Seth Rollins and Sheamus in the main event.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Seriously, Smackdown always has the best wrestling matches. I was excited for this one. Even though I’m growing a bit tired of Ziggler. Can’t deny his in ring ability though. During the intros, Rusev has a promo and says he can’t wait to CRUSH his bones at Night of Champions…..and hopefully ends this storyline once and for all.

A great back and forth match between the two. After Ziggler and Owens exchange roll up pins, Owens gets momentum and takes the fight outside. Owens is trying many times to get a count out victory. He gets fed up and launches Ziggler into the time keeper area. In Ziggler fashion, he over sold it but it looked like it hurt. Dolph gets to the ring at 8 making Owens more frustrated. Owens then super kicks him again outside the ring. Looked like Owens was setting up Ziggler for power bomb to the edge of the ring but Ryback comes and saves the day. Ryback goes for Shell Shock but Owens escapes. Match ends in a DQ. And sets up for Ryback and Owens for the IC Title at NOC.

Segment # 4

The “BellaBration” is about to start. As Alicia Fox and Brie are trying to tell Nikki something, they enter to an empty party. Alicia and Brie were trying to tell her that no one was going to show up the entire night. PCB shows up in party hats and starts dancing. Charlotte goes up to Nikki and says that Sunday she can pull off all that Twin Magic all she wants and she’s going to walk out Diva’s Champ at NOC. Adam Rose randomly shows up, says the party sucks. Nikki goes to throw cake at him but it lands on Alicia and Brie….like I said, this whole thing was like a terrible made for tv comedy movie.

Segment # 5

Just bone already, Dolph and Summer.

Main Event

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins and Sheamus

This match was all Reigns and Ambrose early. Rollins and Sheamus aren’t clicking as partners, obviously. Towards the end, Rollins went for the tag and Sheamus pulls the ol’ back out. Rollins goes for his briefcase and that causes an argument between the two. Ambrose flies out the ring and hits Sheamus with the suicide dive. When he Ambrose tosses him back in, Sheamus eats a Superman punch and gets the victory. The Wyatts interrupt their post match celebration and asks, “Who’s going to be foolish enough to team with Reigns and Ambrose?” Wyatt says that it doesn’t matter because they will all fall in the end. Braun Strowman ends the show in a creepy way and says, “Run”.

That’s it for the Smackdown recap. Who do you guys think will be the third man? Baron Corbin? Randy Orton? Or could Seth Rollins be pulling triple duty? Let me know in the comments or follow me on Twitter @angtweetz.

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