HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Steel Cage Special Edition!

A very good Friday to you all and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt here on The Wrestling Chronicle! My name is Simon Knowles and you can find me on Twitter under the random @HobosGhost username (come say hi!). For over a year I have been compiling clips for you to have a look at from the world of wrestling!

This week is a Steel Cage Match special edition! Five clips as usual, let’s begin!

NWA Top Of Texas
18th October 2014
Bunkhouse Stampede Championship Match
Chad Thomas vs Rex Reed vs Cancun Kid vs Josh Jackson vs Ryan Justice vs Jojo Bennitez vs Joey Armstrong vs Mark Wilson

Kicking off this special edition is an eight man Bunkhouse Stampede cage match! NWA Top Of Texas created the Bunkhouse Stampede Championship and this match was to determine the first (and it seems only) Champion. The match itself has been used before in NWA history and always seems quite awkward. The way to be eliminated in the match is to be pushed out of the cage either via the door to the floor or over the cage to the floor.

This was it seems (according to records) the only time the belt was thought over and seemed to be dropped afterwards. A run in and pull apart happens after the match, a unique cage match concept for sure!

Fall 2012
Fatal 4 Way UCW-Zero Women’s Championship
Morgan vs Sierra Rose vs Marti Daniels vs Lacey Ryan

Onto another cage match to crown a first champion as four of the UCW-Zero women’s wrestlers compete in the first ever four way women’s cage match on U.S soil! All four of the ladies were a staple of UCW’s roster with Morgan especially being with the company from the very start.

This was the creation of a women’s title in the company. What a way to start a title’s existence than by making history in wrestling! The first four way women’s cage match in it’s entirety on U.S. soil!

20th April 2008
SAS UK Championship Match
Jack Storm vs Spud

Next up we head to my home country of England as Jack Storm does battle with current TNA talent Rockstar Spud back in 2008! Spud was the first SAS Champion winning the title on 12th November 2006 in a tournament final against Jack Storm. On 24th March 2007 Jack Storm defeated Spud for the title and held the belt for 441 days until this match. Spud had won via DQ before so this match was booked to settle the score at Caged Warfare 2008.

Spud would go on to hold the title for 426 days before losing to the final champ Bubblegum at Caged Warfare 2009 in a cage match on 20th June 2009.

Another Championship settled inside a steel cage, this time from the UK!

UWF Mid-South
25th May 1986
The Fantastics/Terry Taylor vs The Sheepherders/Jack Victory

A six man UWF Mid South match now and in another twist on the cage match, this is a barbed wire cage match! No metal cage, instead the cage looks like very dodgy wooden panels just to add to the danger. UWF Tag Team Champions The Fantastics Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rodgers team up with Terry Taylor to take on former UWF Tag Champions The Sheepherders and Jack Victory. The Fantastics had defeated The Sheepherders (WWE Hall Of Famers The Bushwhackers Butch and Luke) for the tag titles on 30th March 1986 and the two teams continued to feud. The Sheepherders would be the final UWF Tag Champions on 16th October 1987 before UWF was sold to Jim Crockett promotions.

Terry Taylor would go on to join the WWE as the Red Rooster then “Terrific” Terry Taylor and now works behind the scenes in WWE. Jack Victory would appear in the later years of ECW’s history siding with Steve Corino towards the end of ECW’s history.

Mid South is considered extreme before ECW and this match is a good argument for that. The crimson runs a lot in this bout. Tommy Rodgers of The Fantastics sadly passed away on 1st June 2015 aged 54.

And Finally…

7th September 2008
Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) vs Brodie Lee (Luke Harper)

Completing this week’s Hunt is a pretty well known match and a damn great one at that as current WWE starts Cesaro and Luke Harper battle it out back in 2008 for Chikara!

Brodie Lee (Harper) appeared for Chikara for six years between 2007-2012 before he joined WWE in 2012. In that time he was part of the tag team The Roughnecks with Grizzly Redwood but won no titles.

Castagnoli (Cesaro) appeared for Chikara for nine years between 2003-2011. He held the Chikara Campeonatos De Parejas titles on two occasions. He was the inaugural champ with Chris Hero then again with Ares.

This match was the main event of the Styles And Substance event and what a main event it was!

That concludes this week’s cage match special edition of the Scavenger Hunt! I hope you had a jolly good time and hope you come back again next week for yet another edition! Thanks to Erik at TWC for putting up with me, for you for popping by and taking a look, the video uploaders and of course the talent. Keep supporting wrestling!

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