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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Senor Tequila Don’t Seem Happy…

Good day everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling from the internet for you to check out free of charge! Whether its matches/promos from WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW or any of the indie companies, the good, bad, and very ugly are always featured!

My name is Simon K and you can find me on Twitter under the random @HobosGhost name, let us begin!

NWA Midwest

7th February 2015
NWA Midwest Women’s Championship Match
Kaela vs Amanda De La Cruz

Kicking off with a title match as Kaela defends the NWA Midwest Women’s Title vs Amanda De La Cruz. Kaela is an exciting talent wrestling for the NWA and recently regained the Midwest title from Samantha Heights who does a run in after this match to attack Kaela.

Having started training as a wrestler from the age of 18 with Chris Ledbetter, Kaela is going from strength to strength with NWA Midwest and recently NWA Smokey Mountain as well as other companies. You can follow her on Twitter @KaelaWrestler.

Using speed and agility, Kaela does what she can to take down the slightly bigger De La Cruz!

Florida Pro Wrestling
2 vs 1 Handicapped Match
2-Pak/Joe vs Tweedle Die

Take two guys in one corner with a 600lb giant in the other… and you get something like this! Having been mentored by Sinn Bodhi, Tweedle Die also wrestles as Rick Roberts pretty much solely in Florida even to this day. Enjoy as Tweedle Die does his thing in the ring!

1st May 2002
Leviathan vs EZ Money

To Ohio Valley Wrestling when it was WWE’s developmental as Leviathan AKA Batista throws former ECW wrestler EZ Money about! EZ Money wasn’t alone as he came to the ring. He was hired by the OVW Heavyweight Champion, yes Prototype is John Cena.
Cena as Prototype had defeated Leviathan for the OVW Championship on 20th February 2002. Leviathan is accompanied to the ring in this match by Synn. She is Stacy Cornette, the wife of Jim Cornette. While the footage cuts abruptly I am pretty sure Leviathan didn’t powerbomb Synn, then again maybe he did. He powerbombed Money, Prototype and the ref after all!

A slightly dodgy ending doesn’t really deter a fairly one sided match up on OVW!

Portland Wrestling
29th October 2007
Wolf’ N Black vs Senor Tequila

Untrained mysterious guy named Wolf In Black takes on a normally regular jobber Senor Tequila in a very quick and utterly terrible match in Portland! I really can’t find the words to describe this! From the Halloween Hazard event, sit back and enjoy this embarrassment of a match…it will only take you three minutes of your time!

And Finally…

14th January 1990
Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs The Freebirds

Concluding this week’s Hunt is a tag team encounter from NWA Main Event as Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson do battle against Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin!

The Freebirds are being hotly tipped to be inducted into next years WWE Hall Of Fame. The Hayes and Garvin partnership won the WCW World and WCW United States Tag Team Titles both on two occasions. Garvin was considered the fourth Freebird as it was Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy who teamed together the longest. Hayes, Garvin and Gordy were in WCW until 1992 then finished as the Freebirds in Global Wrestling Federation in 1994.

The old NWA rule comes into play in this one. A good TV match between two teams who are both Hall Of Fame worthy.

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! I hope you had a bit of enjoyment whether you are a new viewer or a regular. Feel free to retweet or even go hunting yourself for clips! There are well over 250 clips used so far in all the Scavenger Hunts available here on TWC!

Until next Friday, happy hunting!

Simon Knowles (@HobosGhost)


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