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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Don’t Try This at Home…Try It Elsewhere!

It’s Friday so that means once again here on TWC it is a brand new Scavenger Hunt! For over a year I, a wrestling fan from the UK named Simon AKA @HobosGhost on Twitter, have been compiling five clips from the world of wrestling for you to have a look at free of charge! From classic matches to strange promos from companies old and new, its all here on the Hunt!

Without further delay I thank you for stopping by! Let’s begin!

9th October 1994
Hulk Hogan/Dave Sullivan vs Ric Flair/Masked Partner

Kicking off with a tag team match (playa) from WCW Main Event as Hulk Hogan teams with Dave Sullivan to take on Ric Flair and a mystery partner *SPOILER*……. it was Bunkhouse Buck in the mask but never revealed. Having defeated Ric Flair for the WCW Championship at Bash Of The Beach 1994 in July, Hulk Hogan continued to feud with Flair and company until initially Halloween Havoc 1994 at the end of October when Hogan beat Flair in a retirement Steel Cage match. Dave Sullivan had a falling out with Kevin Sullivan and were locked in a feud.

Typical TV match that saw a second mystery man appear to cause the DQ. Brutus Beefcake would turn on Hogan and become The Butcher as part of Sullivan’s Dungeon Of Doom to feud with Hogan.

Stampede Wrestling
24th March 1989
Davey Boy Smith/Steve Blackman confrontation

As Davey Boy Smith was preparing to face Don Muraco for the Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship he is interrupted by the future “Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman in Canada! Steve Blackman was with Stampede wrestling for two years or so until he fell ill with malaria after wrestling in South Africa. He was bed ridden for two years and spent another four years getting back into physical shape.

Davey Boy Smith on this same episode of Stampede wrestling went on to defeat Don Muraco for the Stampede North American Championship. Davey Boy would hold the title for only 35 days in his second reign as champion, losing to Larry Cameron on 28th April 1989. Steve Blackman actually defeated British Bulldog on the 31st March show in a non-title match.

Davey Boy and Blackman have a stare down!

CHW Backyard Wrestling
10 Person Genie In A Lamp Ladder Match

I like to include anything wrestling related and that includes these insane people! I dabbled in backyard wrestling with my mates here in England years ago (footage got destroyed when my mate put an ax through the old VCR with the tape still inside). CHW brawl in various locations in USA and have their own website! Rather entertaining and downright crazy, backyard wrestling finally appears on the Scavenger Hunt!

International Championship Wrestling
28th January 1985
“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Adrian Street

Here’s an old school bout with a lot of stalling as Randy Savage does battle with Welsh wrestling legend Adrian Street in Angelo Poffo’s organization!

Born in Brynmawr in Wales, Adrian Street’s family were in the coal mining business. He started bodybuilding at a young age and left home aged 16 to pursue a career in wrestling. He debuted in 1957 defeating Geoff Moran in his debut match. Street’s camp and outlandish ring attire/persona was born after he reacted to a crowd one night and continued to provoke the crowds he performed in. Using a kiss to escape pin falls and wearing make up with his hair in ponytails, Street toured the world wrestling in Germany, USA, and Mexico as well as being a big star in the UK. He was a one time Mid South Television Champion and held titles in various NWA territories.

After retiring Adrian Street and his wife Miss Linda (his valet seen in this match) had a wrestling school that was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. They also design wrestling attire including the ring attire of Mick Foley’s hipster persona Dude Love!

Two greats have the crowd on their feet without having to do an awful lot…that’s what makes them legend! Oh and the presenter at the start of the video? Yes that’s Liz Hulette, the future Miss Elizabeth! It was at ICW she met Randy Savage and they married in 1984.

And Finally…

Anarchy Championship Wrestling
17th January 2011
American Joshi Championship Dog Collar Match
Portia Perez vs Lady Poison

We conclude this week’s hunt with a little nod to Portia Perez who has retired from wrestling due to injury at the recent Shimmer tapings. Having debuted in 2004, Portia Perez established herself as one of the top heels primarily and wrestled around the world. Her first overseas tour was in 2006 when she spent 4 weeks wrestling in Ireland and England. Perez wrestled in Mexico as Xtasis and debuted in Japan in 2011. Perez was the first American Joshi Champion in ACW history and briefly held the ACW Heavyweight Championship. Perez and Nicole Matthews were two time SHIMMER Tag Team Champions holding the record for longest reign in SHIMMER history with 973 days with their combined title reigns.

A shame to see a naturally gifted wrestler and heel personality retire at the young age of 27. At the 10th anniversary SHIMMER tapings she lost in an 8 woman tag team match. Naturally as a tribute to a great heel, this match that concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt has her at her best even if the result doesn’t go her way as she takes on Lady Poison (Jessica James) in a Dog Collar Match!

That concludes this week’s edition of the Hunt! All previous hunts are on the site here on TWC! Check out all the other great content and I hope you return next Friday when the #ScavengerHunt returns!

Spread the word! Your friends won’t thank you for it!

Simon Knowles @HobosGhost


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