HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Terra Ryzing of Larry Santo

It’s Friday so once again it’s time for the Scavenger Hunt! My name is Simon Knowles (@HobosGhost on Twitter) and I’m a British wrestling fan who for over a year and a bit have been compiling five clips from the world of wrestling. I search the Internet for classic matches, crazy promos, commercials, and downright bad stuff at times for you to see for free here on TWC!

Welcome new and returning viewers, let’s begin!

27th December 2014
No Holds Barred Match
Brute Van Slyke vs Necro Butcher

Kicking off with a no DQ match from the soon to be defunct 2CW promotion! After 10 years of putting on shows 2CW are closing their doors soon. The company has booked a whole host of talent over the 10 years. Stars such as Kevin Owens, Young Bucks, Dudley Boys, Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer and Jake Roberts have performed for the company. The New York promotion is very popular among indie fans and it’s a shame it’s closing.

Necro Butcher grabs Brute Van Slyke (who recently was touring with Wrestle-1 in Japan) by the bollocks in a funny moment and while the action isn’t bloody it sure is brutal due to the chest chops and stiff clotheslines. Just one of thousands of examples of 2CW action! Go hunt for more if you get a chance!

6th May 2011
FCW Divas Championship Match
Aksana vs Naomi Knight

The days before NXT now as Florida Championship Wrestling Divas Champion Aksana faces current Team B.A.D member Naomi!
Aksana was both the FCW Divas and FCW Queen of FCW title holders (the queen title was a tiara) and was in partnership with FCW general manager Maxine (currently in Lucha Underground). Naomi was the first FCW DIvas Champion defeating Serena Deeb in the final of a tournament. She would go on to lose the title to AJ Lee. There was six FCW Divas Champions with Audrey Marie, Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Raquel Diaz and Alicia Fox’s sister Caylee Turner being the other Champions.

Naomi does the butt bump move and William Regal is very entertaining on commentary, the pre-NXT days of FCW!

26th February 1994
Terra Ryzing vs Larry Santo

A second appearance for HHH in his early years for WCW as the blonde haired cocky Terra Ryzing as he takes on enhancement talent Larry Santo!

This was HHH’s second appearance having debuted against Keith Cole the day before. Trained by Killer Kowalski he shows hints of what he would become with technique and personality. I think Larry Santo taps a little too early though as the Indian Deathlock was still being locked in…talk about selling a move!

Terra Ryzing in WCW!

15th March 2014
8 Man Best Of 5 Falls Tag Team Match
Cannon/Allmark/Mason/Spitfire vs Cruz/Thunder/Mastiff/Dynamite

ASW UK action now in a best of five falls match as ASW fan favourite Dean Allmark, leads his team to battle! Dean became the head trainer for ASW, an organization that tours all around England putting on shows in as many big and small towns as they can. Dean Allmark also wrestled for Wrestle-1 due to the partnership with the two companies in 2014. He was also a member of Team UK at the TNA America’s X-Cup PPV in 2004.

Dave Mastiff has battled Kevin Owens, Chris Masters, Bobby Lashley, Nick Aldis and more for PCW-UK in recent times and is currently the PCW-UK Heavyweight Champion. Robbie Dynamite was once Dean Allmark’s tag partner until he turned on him in 2006 and subsequently feuded over the course of the year.

With a nod to the old times in UK wrestling including elderly ladies shaking the face wrestlers hands at ringside, family entertainment is brought to the UK via ASW!

22nd August 1979
Mil Mascaras vs Abdullah The Butcher

Concluding this weeks Hunt is a match between two WWE Hall Of Famers as Mexican legend Mils Mascaras battles the wild Abdullah The Butcher in Japan for AJPW!

A complete clash of styles here but I was more shocked Abdullah actually does some wrestling and even shows a little bit of agility jumping off the bottom turnbuckle. The two were booked on the Black Power Series events for AJPW between 17th August 1979 until 13th September spanning 23 shows over the course of the tour. Other foreign talents booked included Carlos Colon, Bobo Brazil, Larry Sharpe, New Zealander Bruno Becker and Italian wrestler Al Costello. Mascaras looked super angry for Abdullah ripping his mask but Kayfabe was still around at the time.

Some wrestling with the hint of hardcore action before the inevitable no contest result, gaijins brawl in Japan!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! You can find a year and a half worth of clips at the link here on TWC!

Hope you will return next Friday for more randomness on the Scavenger Hunt!

Take it easy!

Simon K (@HobosGhost).


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