Bull Dempsey

NXT Recap – 11/4/15

Angie Delgado here back from vacation with another NXT recap and this episode was action packed and I couldn’t wait to watch. Let’s get started.

Asuka vs Cameron

This looked ugly before it started. Welcome back, Cameron, here’s a match with Asuka! Cameron looked impressive early on but Asuka is just too much. Her strikes are deadly. Corey Graves had a great quote on commentary during the match. “I don’t think there’s anything on Planet Funk that can prepare for Asuka”. And he’s right. Asuka picks up the victory with the Asuka Lock.

Backstage Segment # 1

Tom Phillips is backstage with Carmella trying to get an update on Big Cass and Enzo’s injuries. She is quickly interrupted by Dash and Dawson. They have a match with The Vaudevillains next week for the NXT Tag Titles. They put out a wheelchair and say that they’re next.

Backstage Segment # 2

After the break, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable call out The Ascension and tell them to “Come home”. A bit random but should be a fun last match for The Ascension.

Bull Dempsey vs Angelo Dawkins

Angelo Dawkins comes out in some kind of MVP gimmick. No lie, the last time I remember Angelo Dawkins he was wearing colorful attire and a backpack to the ring. Another awesome quote from Corey Graves “If Angelo Dawkins is the LeBron James of NXT, is Bull Dempsey the Bartolo Colon of NXT?” A quick back and forth match. Dawkins gets a few strikes in and Bull does a cliche’ “hulk up” which is dumb, I think. I like Bull Dempsey and the Bull Fit thing, but don’t “hulk up”, dude. He hits his finishing move from the top rope and gets the victory.

Backstage Segment # 3 

Bayley reveals her tag partners for her match next week vs. Blake, Murphy, and Alexa Bliss. The Hype Bros. Odd but perfect choice for Bayley. Who doesn’t want to see Bayley get hyped, bro?! Should be a hilarious match next week.

Eva Marie vs Marley

I had to google who Eva Marie was fighting because commentary did not mention her name once (unless I missed it). She was wearing attire that said “201” and “Jersey”. My guess, she’s from North Jersey. Represent! Too bad she lost. Eva Marie is still awful and is not improving in the ring at all. Hilarious “what was that?!” chants from Full Sail after she did some weird kick move for the victory. Another sad reminder that she’s probably taking the title from Bayley.

Main Event: Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor for the NXT Championship

“This is awesome” chants and a handshake start us off. Full Sail was rocking and these two haven’t locked up yet. I’ve been critical of Apollo Crews but he’s growing on me little by little. Crews takes down Balor early and goes for the quick pin. Crowd goes nuts. Crews has an early advantage as he pulls of a cartwheel/backflip and a dropkick. Balor answers with a kick of his own. Both me have answer for each other’s moves. Balor hits the Sling Blade. Crews goes for his Military press and flip but Balor blocks it. Balor goes for the Coup de Grace, Crews moves out the way. Crews hits the enzguri. Balor answers again with the Pele kick! The best match on NXT TV in awhile. You’d think it ends clean but it doesn’t. Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring and attacks Crews and Balor. Samoa Joe makes the save and cleans house. By the sound of the crowd, you knew what was coming next, we all knew what was coming next. Samoa Joe finally turns on Finn Balor. He hits him with the Muscle Buster to end the show. 

And that’s this week’s NXT. The main event had a Takeover feel to it. What’s next for Corbin, Crews, Joe, and Balor? Maybe a Fatal 4 way at the next Takeover? That what it feels like. What are your thoughts on tonight’s NXT?


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