Dean Ambrose

SmackDown Recap – 11/5/15

Here is a recap of the 11/5/15 edition of WWE SmackDown.

By Angela Delgado

The show opens up with the United States champ, Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter. Zeb’s mustache is as glorious as ever. Zeb knows what the WWE Universe is thinking and that is how can he and Alberto Del Rio can coexist? It is because their made up nation of Mex-America doesn’t allow haters. Alberto Del Rio says Mex-America is united and doesn’t need borders. *Insert Donald Trump joke*

Alberto Del Rio vs Neville

A rematch from last week’s RAW. An early advantage for Neville. Neville looks faster in the ring each week. He had momentum until Del Rio hit him with a backstabber and gains a lead and looked aggressive throughout the match. Neville found an opening and pulls off a flying moonsault outside the ring. ADR quickly catches Neville in the Tree of Woe and hits the double foot stomp for the victory. After the match, ADR superkicks Neville and connects with the armbar until Jack Swagger makes the save. It’s nice to see Jack Swagger back in the mix but I would like to see Neville in contention for the United States title as well. Maybe a triple threat at Survivor Series?

The Usos vs The Ascension

The Usos make their return to Smackdown since Jey Uso’s injury. They are coming off their surprising return from the Elimination tag match on RAW. The crowd, especially the kids are still super into their entrance chant. Jey looked like he hasn’t lost a step since his injury. Typical Uso victory. Superkick, double superkick, and an Uso splash.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination 8 Man Tag Match: The Wyatt’s vs The Lucha Dragons and The Prime Time Players

Darren Young and Erick Rowan start things off. Darren Young didn’t last long as he was attacked early, bear hugged by Strowman, tossed out the ring, and was eliminated via count out. Sin Cara gets the hot tag and is on a short lived roll botch free! Luke Harper hits Sin Cara with the sickest clothesline and eliminates him. Now it’s’ four on two. Kalisto is left in the ring with Rowan as he gets quickly gets eliminated. And in a blink of an eye, it’s four on one with Titus O’Neil being the lone man. The match ends with a Stroman bear hug and a Sister Abigail. Good booking here as there was no Wyatt eliminated. Just straight dominance.

King Barrett vs Ryback

Wouldn’t call this match a squash. King Barrett hit wasteland but Ryback kicked out quickly. Barrett went for a sleeper and Ryback reversed it to a Shell Shock and got the victory. I don’t know what the future is for these two going forward but I couldn’t care less. I mean, with the roster so slim, we’re going to have to care. WWE has to figure out what to do with these guys. Maybe start with Barrett and bring back “Bad News”.

Backstage Segment with Team B.A.D

Renee Young asks Team B.A.D about Natalya’s issued challenge to the leader of the group. Team B.A.D says they know who the leader is and that they have the strongest bond out of the other girl teams. Sasha gets the last word as if she was the leader and Naomi and Tamina didn’t look too thrilled.

Natalya vs Tamina

I guess the leader this week is Tamina as she answers the challenge. Amid a few distractions from Team B.A.D, Nattie steals one with a roll up victory. I hope this is the beginning of the end of Team B.A.D. #FreeSashaBanks

A look back at last week’s Roman Reigns promo on Seth Rollins last week on RAW. Bittersweet knowing Seth is now down with a serious knee injury and is out as champ. It’s going to be an interesting few months in the WWE World Heavyweight title picture. Buckle up.

Main Event: Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

I love how much of an a*hole heel Owens is, you don’t see a lot that anymore. He’s yelling “MY HEADLOCK IS BETTER THAN YOURS!” and the usual “AND THAT’S WHY I’M THE CHAMP”. A solid back and forth match up until Owens gets the referee to believe he was hit with a low blow by Ambrose.. Ref calls for the bell and steals a victory. Smackdown ends with Owens running through the crowd and Ambrose is left standing in the ring.

That’s this week’s Smackdown. I thought it was good. Not great. Can’t wait what’s ahead with the title picture so wide open now. What did you guys think of the show?

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