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NXT Recap – 11/11/15

Here’s a recap of he 11/11/15 edition of NXT.
The show opens with Tye Dillinger versus Baron Corbin but as Corbin is getting ready for introduction he is attacked by Apollo Crews, who had his championship hopes trashed last week by Corbin. The Lone Wolf retreats as Crews begs for a fight.
Bayley/Hype Bros vs. BAMF
Early on in the match Bliss looked to get the upper hand in the corner but her attack had no affect on the NXT Women’s Champion who yells back “You ain’t hype!” And begins an offensive onslaught of her own.
During a hot moment in the match Bliss breaks up a pin which was interesting. She goes on to steal Bayley’s championship belt! Bayley gets scolded by Murphy to which the champ replies with a Bayley to Belly suplex! Bayley takes off after her title while the Hype Bros secure a win their Hype Ryder finisher.
The Ascension cut one of the goofiest promos I’ve ever seen accepting the challenge of Jordan and Gable. YO VIK..PREACH!
Backstage Nia Jax is stopped by Eva Marie for some reason…
Deonna vs. Nia Jax
Squash match x1000. 
Next week poor Carmella has to take on Nia Jax. Godspeed Carmella.
Bayley is still on the hunt for her championship title and she finds it still in the possession of Alexa Bliss. She takes off leaving Bayley to recover her title. As Bayley looks to exit she runs into Nia Jax. Bayley is then attacked from behind by Bliss. Jax scares off Bliss and creepily gives Bayley her title back.
The Vaudevillians (c) vs. Dash and Dawson for the NXT Tag Team Championship 
Dash and Dawson did a very good job developing a sort of calling card for themselves by pinpointing the leg of their opponent, in this case Aiden English.
Gotch gets the hot tag and briefly gets the upper hand for his team. He tags English back in and heads to the outside after Dash and Dawson. The challengers quickly dispose of Gotch leaving a mangled Aiden English alone. Dash and Dawson immediately go back to injuring the knee of Aiden English with a knee stomp off the top. Dawson locks in what looks like a Figure Four knee lock and while screaming in agony English has no choice but to tap out. Ladies and gentlemen we have new Tag Team Champions. I am shocked.
To close the show Samoa Joe comes down to the ring to explain why he attacked his friend NXT Champion Finn Bàlor. Joe says after Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic he asked and was granted a title shot by Bàlor only to have to compete in and ultimately lose a battle royale the following week. Joe took that as an insult. Out comes Bàlor and before the two come to blows a gang of referees come between the two. Joe grabs referee Drake Wuertz and shoves him into Bàlor. He then grabs Bàlor and locks in the Coquina Clutch putting the champion to sleep. The show ends with Samoa Joe holding up the NXT Championship.
That concludes this episode of NXT, what did you think? Let us know below or hit us up on social media!:

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