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SmackDown Recap – 11/12/15

Angie here with your weekly Smackdown recap. It was a good one, so let’s get to it!

Smackdown opens with The Wyatts. Luke Harper, Erik Rowan, and Braun Strowman do most of the talking for a change in this promo. Here’s what I don’t understand, all this talking and mind games Bray’s been doing, he is still seen as weak. At least sell by not showing up on Smackdown after looking defeated at the end of RAW on Monday. Bray claims he is inside of Kane and the Undertaker’s head and issues a challenge for Survivor Series. Was hoping for a traditional Survivor Series elimination match but it will only be 2 on 2 with Bray picking a Wyatt family member of his choosing.

Braun Strowman vs Fandango

Good News: Fandango is somehow still over in England
Bad News (for Fandango) and Good News for us viewers: This match was barely five minutes. Strowman gets the win with the bear hug.

Neville vs King Barrett: First Round match of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

It’s an all English match-up! I want to believe WWE has high hopes for Neville. He was in the King of the Ring final and one of the last men standing and almost sniffed that briefcase at Money in the Bank. King Barrett looking aggressive early on. Neville counters Wasteland into a DDT, Hits the Red Arrow and gets the win to advance to face Kevin Owens on RAW in the second round. As for Barrett, you put him in any gimmick, I don’t think he’ll be a World Title contender. I do see him winning the IC Title a few more times. Or maybe a tag title with Sheamus.

Ryback vs Kalisto: First Round match of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

This is… different and random. The bracket needed to be spiced up with this one, I guess. Match starts with a handshake but Kalisto quickly starts kicking him in the legs. Kalisto hits a Salida del Sol but Ryback kicks out. Would’ve been hilarious if that’s how the match ended. Kalisto is showing that Rey Mysterio resilience while Ryback is dominating. Both men are at the top rope and out of nowhere, Kalisto hits the Salida del Sol from up top and he gets the win! Clearly not a favorite but Kalisto has the potential to be a great singles competitor in this already stacked Mid-Card. Time to ditch Sin Cara.

Stardust vs Alberto Del Rio: First Round match of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

More “Viva MexAmerica” nonsense from Zeb and ADR. I was a fan for week but now it’s just tiring and confusing. Stardust, in all of his Rockstar Energy Drink glory, found a few openings when he connected with the disaster kick but no luck the rest of the way. ADR wins using the double stomp. Del Rio is set for a second round match on RAW against Kalisto. Should be a good one.

Main Event: The Usos vs Luke Harper and Erik Rowan

The two teams are already battling out before the bell rings. An entertaining match through out. When The Usos connected in the air, The numbers game was too much. Bray and Strowman quickly got involved. As Wyatt is ready to do the Sister Abigail, lights go out and *DONG* Undertaker accepts the Survivor Series and says The Wyatts will R….I….P.

And that’s all she wrote with Smackdown. What were your thoughts?

See you guys Wednesday for my NXT Recap.

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