Episode 83 of the Piledriver Podcast – When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

On this episode of the Piledriver Podcast the guys discuss the Survivor Series go home edition of Raw including the controversial closing contract signing between Paige and Charlotte, A look back at the career of legendary AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel, and some of our favorite Survivor Series Teams. All that and way more on this edition of the Piledriver Podcast!
Here are the timestamps for your listening pleasure:

0:00-1:45 – Welcome
1:45-25:50 – RAW Thoughts
25:50-30:14 – Twitter Polls
30:14-32:52 – Use Our Link to Buy Stuff on Amazon!
32:52-50:30 – Emil Jay’s On the Road Report
50:30-01:11:09 – Wrestling News
01:11:09-01:19:32 – Erik and Jason’s Thoughts on the Passing of Nick Bockwinkel
01:19:32-01:20:49 – Scavenger Hunt Plug!
01:20:49-01:24:20 – UK Wrestling Shout Outs
01:24:20-01:26:24 – Commercial Break
01:26:24-01:36:59 – Emil’s Thoughts on Nick Bockwinkel
01:36:59-02:23:47 – Favorite Survivor Series Teams
02:23:47-02:29:40 – Plugs/Appearances

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Jason Namako

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