NXT Recap – 11/18/15

Angela Delgado gives us a recap of the 11/18/15 edition of NXT.

Carmella vs Nia Jax

You can call this a squash if you want but Carmella held her own for a bit. Her dropkicks were connecting at least. But Nia Jax was just too much as she countered Carmella’s hurricanrana and planted a leg drop on her for the victory. Two thoughts. One, I’m not a fan of Nia Jax’s in ring gear. I wish it wasn’t so stereotypical for a woman of her stature ala Kharma. Two, Carmella is improving every week in the ring. I’m sad there was no moonwalk this week.

Alexa Bliss Promo

This is where Alexa shines. Her mic work is great. I get Anna Kendrick vibes from her. She has amazing facial expressions. As she’s going on about Bayley wanting and earning respect, A referee comes out and delivers a message from William Regal saying Blake and Murphy are banned from ringside.

The Ascension vs Chad Gable and Jason Jordan

It must have felt nice for Konnor and Viktor to get a warm reception from the Full Sail crowd because they are definitely not getting in the main roster. Best part of the match was Konnor getting in those “Yah” kicks on Gable and the crowd chanting along. Jordan gets the hot tag and clears the ring. As Viktor is charging towards Jordan in the corner, Jordan moves away, makes the tag to Gable and do their suplex finisher for the victory. It’s a shame these teams won’t meet again. This was a fun match. Back to the bottom for you, Ascension.

Bayley Segment

Bayley is getting better in her mic skills as well. She’s confident as ever holding that title. She’s says to get respect, you have to earn it and that she’s going to give Alexa Bliss a wrestling lesson of a lifetime.

Emma vs Mary Kate

Nothing special here. Emma comes in mean against someone named after an Olsen Twin. Anyway, Emma gets the win with the Emma Lock

Baron Corbin Segment

A “ exclusive” Baron Corbin challenges Apollo Crews at NXT: Takeover London

The newly crowned NXT Tag Champs, Dash and Dawson vs “Local Talent” Cory Hollis and John Skyler.

Poor “Local Talent”. Cory Hollis was just getting abused in the ring. He was getting no offense in. Dash and Dawson are the real deal though and live up to their motto. “No Flips, Just Fists” They get a quick victory. It was also announced that The Vaudvillians are getting their title rematch next week.

Asuka Segment

Dana Brooke interrupts Asuka to a match next week and Asuka gladly excepts.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Title is made official for NXT: Takeover London

Main Event for the NXT Woman’s Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

I liked the build for this mini feud. The video package was excellent, as always. This definitely had a Takeover feel to it. I’m impressed with Alexa Bliss and quickly becoming one of my favorites in NXT. Along with being a mouth piece for Blake and Murphy, her in ring work improved greatly. She has something to prove and she’s proved it tonight. She had late advantage, Bliss went up top but Bayley counters with a running slam. Bayley went in for a charge but Alex has a counter of her own and goes for a sunset flip for a two count. Bliss took too long taunting and Bayley took advantage, slapped Alexa in the face and delivers Bayley to Belly for the victory. Awesome match from two woman who work hard to get where their are now.

Perfect way to end NXT, right? NOPE! Here comes Eva Marie to ruin everything. The crowd is just giving it to her. Even Bayley had to tell the crowd to quiet down so she can hear what the hell she was trying to say. Eva Marie challenges Bayley for the NXT Women’s title. “You are going to defend the Women’s Championship verse me!” VERSE. Good Lord, she is terrible. And that’s how NXT ends.

Side Note:

There were three Women’s matches on NXT tonight. Pretty cool. We all know where the real Diva’s Revolution is.

Did you enjoy NXT tonight?

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