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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Ref Wants To Dance With Somebody!

It’s Friday therefore it’s once again time for the Scavenger Hunt! Each week five clips are compiled by me, Simon K also known as @HobosGhost on Twitter, found on the internet from the world of wrestling! Indie matches, obscure WCW and WWE action and anything else all make it into the Scavenger Hunt!

Let’s begin!

15th November 2010
Million Dollar Championship Backstage Skit

Kicking off with this backstage skit which is still bizarre to see from the WWE back in 2010! The skit evolved from the storyline on NXT where Aksana married Goldust but turned heel by saying she only married to stay in the country and stop deportation back to Lithuania. Aksana and Goldust had been in a feud with Ted Dibiase Jr and Maryse involving the Million Dollar Championship that had been handed to Dibiase by his father, the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. This skit sees Aksana once and for all relinquish the Championship and retired the Championship for good.

Featuring appearances from Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes, Million Dollar Man, I.R.S, Jim Duggan, Kelly Kelly and randomly Tatanka, it’s only fitting Ron Simmons has the last word on the whole skit…DAMN!

Freakshow Wrestling
10th January 2015
Chain Match
Sage Sin Supreme vs The Ghost Of Whitney Houston

The Scavenger Hunt throws up some bizarre stuff and this is no different. In past episodes I’ve posted stuff such as Jim Neidhart dressed in KKK gear, matches that turn to shoot fights and terrible jobbers. Well now I can add the first appearance of..The Ghost Of Whitney Houston to the list.

Freakshow Wrestling is the creation of wrestler Sinn Bodhi and have ran shows in Las Vegas and California. This match shared a billing with Gangrel wrestling in a Landmine Of Mouse Traps Barefoot match and headlined by Johnny Mundo taking on Aiden O’Shea in the main event. This Chain match is like a strap match with the rule that to win you have to touch all four turnbuckles in succession. The match skips a bit of the match towards the end. My favourite bit is when the ref starts dancing randomly halfway through!

Sage Sin Supreme does battle with the Ghost Of Whitney Houston in California!

Preston City Wrestling UK
15th November 2013
Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Martin Kirby

Going back to 2013 for the triple show event know as PCW SuperShow 3! This is from one of the biggest companies in the UK as Martin Kirby headlines night one against Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

The SuperShow events took part over two days with an early afternoon show as well as an evening show on day 2. Mixing in with UK talent were international talents. Besides Liger there was Kevin Steen (Owens), Uhaa Nation (Apollo Crews), Awesome Kong, Chris Masters, D’Lo Brown and Hardcore Holly.

Martin Kirby has been wrestling for around nine years and has won numerous titles here in the UK. Receiving training from UK favourite El Ligero as well as fellow British wrestler Dragon Aisu, Kirby is well respected and considered one of the best UK wrestlers around.

A slow building start leads to a terrific end to this match that headlined night 1 for PCW-UK!

1st May 1989
16 Man Battle Royal

To the Copps Coliseum in Canada now for a recorded live event as 16 of the participants from earlier in the show meet up for the main event in a battle royal! The only members of the roster who appeared on the card that weren’t in this battle royal were Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude who wrestled just before for the Intercontinental Championship with Warrior winning via Count Out.

The 16 participants in this one were Demolition, Twin Towers, Honky Tonk Man, Bret Hart, Brooklyn Brawler, Red Rooster, Blue Blazer, Hillbilly Jim, Tito Santana, Rick Martel, Richard Charland, Greg Valentine, Jim Powers and Mr Perfect.

No guesses who wins as it’s a show in Canada but it’s a quick battle royal to send the crowd home happy!

And Finally….

Infinity Pro
Sami Callihan vs Michael Elgin

Concluding this week’s Scavenger Hunt is a match I couldn’t find a proper date for as it didn’t correspond with dates I researched. Doesn’t matter as we have Sami Callihan taking on Michael Elgin! Callihan recently asked for his release from WWE which was granted. It is reported he wants to reinvent his image on the indie scene and grew frustrated by his lack of progress in NXT. Debuting in 2006, the 28 year old has youth on his side.

Micheal Elgin is still with ROH but has been booked a lot for NJPW as part of their working relationship with ROH. He is currently partnering with Hiroshi Tanahashi in the World Tag League tournament in NJPW. He spent two months in Japan in September and October and has been back in Japan since near the end of November for the start of the Tag League on 21st November.

Callihan vs Elgin!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt. I hope you enjoyed it and return next Friday for another edition. All previous Hunts are still available to view here!
From me, Simon Knowles it’s so long folks! (@HobosGhost)



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