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HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – In A Kimber Lee-gue Of Her Own!

Hello everybody it’s that time again for the Scavenger Hunt! Browsing through the murky world of the internet to find the good, bad, and ugly from the world of wrestling for your entertainment! My name is Simon Knowles from a very windy Folkestone, Kent here in the UK and I welcome you all!

Five clips as per usual so let’s get started!

30th May 2014
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Satoshi Kojima vs Jeremiah Plunkett

Kicking off this week’s Hunt is a NWA World title match from 2014! Satoshi Kojima had won the NWA World Championship from Rob Conway at the NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 8 on 4th January 2014. Having retained at NJPW events Kojima headed over to USA to put the title on the line against NWA talent as well as wrestling in non title matches. Jeremiah Plunkett was the NWA Southern Television Champion at the time of this match and was next on the NWA ranking list to get a shot at the title. The 29 year old has been wrestling for 10 years and is now the NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.
Kojima comes to America for NWA!

9th July 2009
NGF Heavyweight Championship Match
Bret KikuHart vs Shawn Antonio Honda Michaels

Revisiting the infamous Montreal Screwjob from 1997, we have here Antonio Honda as Shawn Michaels against Kikutaro as Bret Hart! Complete comedy match here as you would expect if you are familiar with Kikutaro. This was the opening match from this indie event. Featuring dubious referee moments, trademark moves of the original stars and an alternative ending to the original screwjob match. Its comedy done only the way Japan knows how to! Sit back and enjoy!

Maryland Championship Wrestling
13th November 2015
Maryland Women’s Championship Match
Mickie James vs Kimber Lee

Here we have fan footage from Maryland as Mickie James defends her title against the increasingly popular Kimber Lee! Mickie James became the 3rd ever Maryland Women’s Champion on 19th June 2015 defeating Amber Rodriguez with Lisa Marie Varon acting as special guest referee. Kimber Lee has multiple titles in her possession. As well as still being Co-Holder of both the WSU and Shimmer Tag Team Championships and the inaugural Legacy Wrestling Women’s Champion, Kimber Lee made history just a few days ago by becoming the first female to win the Chikara Grand Championship.

Can Kimber Lee add the Maryland Women’s Championship to her collection of titles? The match is here on Scavenger Hunt!

7th September 1984
Andre The Giant vs The Iron Sheik

From Madison Square Garden we have here The Iron Sheik taking on Andre The Giant! Kamala’s handler (before Kim Chee name) randomly is the special guest referee in this match. In a shoot interview George “The Animal” Steele claimed Andre legitimately disliked Iron Sheik which could explain a couple of the rather hard looking shots Andre dishes out but it’s just rumor. Andre out wrestles Sheik in this one to the delight of the Madison Square Garden crowd. Less than three years later Andre would turn heel and challenge Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania III for the WWE Championship in one of the biggest main events in WWE history.

The Iron Sheik finds it tough against the first WWE Hall Of Fame inductee in the Garden!

And Finally….

26th December 1990
Lou Thesz vs Masahiro Chono

We end this week’s Scavenger Hunt with the legendary Lou Thesz in his final ever match against one of his most successful students, Masahiro Chono for NJPW! Lou Thesz is 74 years old in this match and while the powerbomb attempt is botched granted, it’s still a really good exhibition match if you will between tutor and pupil. Lou Thesz last appearance in WWE was at a house show in a legends battle royal on 16th November 1987 which he won. That was the battle royal that is believed to have started the fractured relationship between Randy Savage and Vince McMahon after Savage’s dad Angelo Poffo wasn’t included in the match after initially Vince said yes.
For 74 years of age at the time Lou Thesz throws himself about a bit and the Japanese audience show their respect in what was his final ever match in wrestling history.

That concludes this week’s edition. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to check out all the previous hunts that span over a year! A best of the year’s Scavenger Hunts will once again be up soon for the Xmas period just like last Xmas!

Until next time folks, keep hunting!

Simon K (@HobosGhost on Twitter)


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