British Bulldog

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Drew Gulak Defeats Anti-Semitism

Hello everyone and welcome to the penultimate Scavenger Hunt of the year! My name is Simon Knowles from a rather mild weather England and each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling for you to add to your wrestling knowledge. The good, the bad and the very ugly make it in as regular viewers know!

Let’s begin!

6th July 2012
ASW Championship Match
DH Smith vs Davey Richards

Kicking off with the main event of ASW’s free event “Red White and Bruised” from 2012 as Davey Boy Smith Jr defends the ASW Heavyweight Championship against then ROH star Davey Richards! Since leaving WWE in 2011, Davey Boy Smith Jr has been wrestling as one half of the Killer Elite Squad with Lance Archer holding the NWA and NJPW’s IWGP Tag Team Titles as well as being the current holders of the NOAH Tag Team Championships. He recently trademarked the name Davey Boy Smith Jr and is using that name going forward.

Bad camera angle to start with while they fixed technical issues but Smith and Richards battle outside in the dark for the ASW Championship!

21st August 2007
Vince McMahon/CM Punk segment

Had to include this segment from WWE’s version of ECW as Jonathan Coachman tries to help Vince McMahon find his illegitimate son (what a letdown that story line was). With the whole roster being under suspicion it was the turn of CM Punk to be considered. Vince mocks Punk’s straight edge lifestyle and Punks response is pretty priceless!

9th May 1987
British Bulldog vs Bret Hart

Little known match from WWE Superstars as future brothers in law Bret Hart and British Bulldog do battle during the Hart Foundation/British Bulldogs feud! Having traded the tag titles it would be against the Hart Foundation that Dynamite Kid would have his last match in WWE when despite being injured to the point he couldn’t walk unaided, he and Bulldog dropped the titles to the Hart Foundation with Dynamite being outside the ring for the whole match.

Not a long match but just a taster for their excellent WWE Intercontinental Championship match at Summerslam 1992 at Wembley Stadium in the UK!

Ambuja Cement Commercial featuring Great Khali

A really funny Indian commercial featuring former WWE star Great Khali falling through walls and ceilings until Ambuja Cement is used to build him a new home that he won’t break!

And Finally…

Chikara Hardcore Championship History
18th August 2013 onwards

We conclude with video clips from Chuck Taylor’s Instagram that have been pieced together in the funniest 20 minute video I have seen in a long while! While Chikara was on hiatus the alumni and friends had this going on, the Chikara Hardcore title defended under 24/7 rules. A host of talents including Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, Matt Cross,Rich Swann, Roderick Strong, John Silver, The Young Bucks, Ricochet, Christina Von Eerie and even Damian 666 all appear and hold the title at one time. With title changes happening via WWE video games, drawings and a terrible underwater scene and pins/submissions at weddings, sports events, the bathroom and kitchens it’s a really funny video!

Jack Frost the Snowman, former adult star turned wrestling valet Trina Michaels, Chikara alumni and more hold the title while Drew Gulak defeats anti-semitism! Check out Chuck Taylor’s instagram for better quality videos!

That’s it from me! Thanks for tuning in! Next week landing on Christmas Eve will be a compilation of clips used from the 100’s of clips from this year’s hunts to tie you over until 8th January 2016! All previous Scavenger Hunts are available here so feel free to check them out over the holidays!

From me, Simon K AKA @HobosGhost on Twitter it’s goodbye for now!


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