Dean Ambrose

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – 2015 Compilation!

Hello everyone and welcome to a compilation of Scavenger Hunt clips from the last year to see you through the Christmas holiday! It’s me Simon K also known as @HobosGhost on Twitter bringing 10 clips that are personal faves of mine out of the 250+ clips that have appeared on Hunts this year alone!

No real paragraphs of randomness under each clip like usual, just 10 matches from Hunts from the last year, personal highlights for me anyway, the regular viewers among you may have different choices!

Let’s start the ten match countdown!

1. Wolf ‘N’ Black vs Senor Tequila
Portland Wrestling
29th October 2007

Kicking things off with the untrained Wolf ‘N’ Black taking on the masked Senor Tequila!

2. Virgil vs The Thug
24th September 1995

From the most controversial edition of the Scavenger Hunt it is Jim Neidhart and The Thug in KKK outfits attacking Virgil on a TV taping for NWC!

3. Kahagas vs Von Hess
NWA World Championship Match
19th January 2013

Couldn’t leave this clip out as Kahagas beats the living snot out of a so called 20 year veteran Von Hess!

4. Sage Sin Supreme vs The Ghost Of Whitney Houston
Freakshow Wrestling
10th January 2015

From a very recent Scavenger Hunt this is Sage Sin Supreme battling The Ghost Of Whitney Houston! Love the ref breaking into a dance mid match just for the hell of it!

5. Dean Ambrose TNA Tryout

From the TNA missed opportunities edition of the SH from February it’s the Dean Ambrose dark match tryout!

6. Christmas Creature vs Trey Keller
December 1992

As it’s Christmas take a trip back to December 1992 as Trey Keller experiences seasons beatings from Glen “Kane” Jacobs as the Christmas Creature in USWA Memphis!

7. The Devil vs Baby Jesus
EMWF Championship Match
18th November 2010

Still love this one as The Devil battles Baby Jesus for the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation! 619, RKO and 5 Star Frog Splash combo is a winning combo!

8. Shadow WX vs Abdullah The Butcher
Prison Cable Handcuff Chain Death Match
25th April 1999

This match is just weird and awful so it’s a definite highlight for the Scavenger Hunt as Shadow WX and Abdullah The Butcher get hooked to a cable and choke each other in Japan!

9. 10 Person Genie In A Lamp Ladder Match
CHW Backyard Wrestling

And Finally…

10. Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Tom Stone
10th February 1990

Had to end with this one as the late great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper flies around the ring like he is an airplane before squashing Tom Stone in the WWE!

There you have it, just a very small selection of clips from this year’s batch of Scavenger Hunts!
I would like to say thank you all for checking out my little segments I do here for TWC, thanks to Erik who runs TWC and all the wrestlers in the world past, present and future!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We shall return with more Scavenger Hunts on 8th January!

Take care folks!

Simon Knowles (@HobosGhost)

To view all past Scavenger Hunts in their entirety click here.

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