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WWE SmackDown Recap – 1/7/16

Hello, Wrestling Chronicle readers!

Angie here with your first Smackdown recap of 2016.

Written by: Angie Delgado

A couple days into the new year and there’s a lot to get excited about in the WWE. Despite the unfortunate amount of injuries, this gives some mid carders and maybe some upcoming NXT call ups time to step up.

Smackdown opens with the debut of Mauro Ranallo as the lead voice along with Byron Saxton and Jerry The King Lawler. They welcome us to the USA Network.

John Cena comes out energized as ever. You can’t tell that he’s even suffering from an injury. Cena calls out Alberto Del Rio for not representing the United States Championship on the USA Network. Del Rio made his way to the ring to say he’s not going to give the gringo, Juan Cena, another title opportunity. So instead of Del Rio giving Cena a rematch, Cena calls out Kalisto to fight. Even better.

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio

Sounds awful to say but maybe this Sin Cara injury is what’s best for Kalisto to have a solid singles run. Also, you can’t beat John Cena in your corner for support. Del Rio had full control of the match. Took it outside and also taunting Cena. Del Rio got too happy with his “SI” chants and Kalisto hits a Hurricanrana for the upset victory! Now with Cena out, maybe this gives Kalisto first dibs at a US Title shot.

MizTV Segment

In classic MizTV fashion, he can’t get one word in. First to the show, The New Day…. and Dolph Ziggler….. and Goldust? This is getting ridiculous already…. Here comes Neville!…. and last but not least, out comes R-Truth accepting Alberto Del Rio’s US Open Challenge. R-Truth is now a walking Steve Harvey meme and it’s hilarious. Now this hot mess turned into an eight man tag match.

Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Goldust, and Neville vs The New Day and The Miz

Just your typical eight man tag match. There’s at least one every week on Smackdown. The faces win. They’re all in the ring celebrating until Dolph tosses Goldust out of the ring saying “Sorry, brother. The Rumble is every man for himself” I like Ziggler’s new attitude (and hair do) but can you really take him seriously after losing to Heath Slater of all people on Raw? Let’s hope. If anyone needs to step up more, it’s him.

Diva’s Title Match – Becky Lynch vs Charlotte

The best storyline going on in WWE right now and I’m glad it involves the Divas. Unlike Paige vs Charlotte, this build doesn’t feel rushed. They’re telling a great story that can potentially go on to Wrestlemania. Becky and Charlotte are the only Divas giving us physical matches. Great match so far but I’m still not a fan of Ric Flair being in the middle of all this. Sure, he’s there to be the classic heel manager but he feels out of place. This is a classic match so far. Becky with the upperhand, applies the Disarmer but Ric Flair puts Charlotte’s feet on the ropes. Rolls Becky up and gets the dirty pin victory. I want to see this match again and again. Maybe a stipulation at the Rumble. 2 out 3 falls for the Divas Title sounds great, don’t you think so?

Intercontinental Title Match – Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Another rivalry I would like to see run until Wrestlemania. These two have been great since they’re rivalry began. Physical all the way through. Owens and Ambrose make each other better each week. Back and forth match. Took place outside for the remainder of it. Ambrose tossed Owens in the crowd until the two were counted out. The show ends when both men crash into the table.

Solid first Smackdown of the year. Mauro Ranallo did a fantastic job. Maybe have him and Micheal Cole rotate on PPV’s? He is too good to be just doing Smackdown.

It’s going to be an interesting road to Wrestlemania with the injuries. Come Monday and the days leading up to the Rumble, time for guys to step up.

Thanks for reading and see you next week for my NXT recap!

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