HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Perkins Moves Like a Spider Monkey!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! We are into our second full year of this weekly segment brought to you by me, Simon Knowles AKA @HobosGhost on Twitter, for The Wrestling Chronicle!
The good, the bad and the very ugly make it in over five clips from the world of wrestling!

Welcome all, let us begin!

8th November 2000
Goldberg vs Lex Luger vs Bam Bam Bigelow

We kick off with a triple threat match which plays out as a handicapped match from WCW as Goldberg battles Bam Bam Bigelow and Lex Luger! Having lost to Scott Steiner at the WCW Fall Brawl Pay Per View on 17th September 2000, Goldberg’s feud with Vince Russo continued. Vince Russo gave Goldberg the storyline threat that if Goldberg lost one more match at any time he would be fired from WCW. Lex Luger had recently returned to WCW and would go on to team with Buff Bagwell to form the team “Totally Buffed” and they would go on to capture the WCW Tag Team Championships.

Goldberg tries to continue his second winning streak on WCW Thunder!

Tryout Match
TJ Perkins vs Matt Stone

Here we have a tryout match pitting Matt Stone against TJ Perkins! TJ has just recently departed TNA having wrestled under the Manik persona. He was also Suicide before the name change to Manik. Perkins started wrestling aged 14 under a mask with the nickname “Pinoy Boy”. He holds the NJPW record for being the youngest foreign wrestler to wrestle for them when he debuted aged 18 years and 3 weeks old. He was given the gimmick of PUMA while with NJPW due to the similarities in style between him and the first Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama and teamed with Tiger Mask IV. He was pitched to be the American version of Tiger Mask.

Still only 31 years old, TJ Perkins sadly didn’t do enough in this trial to get signed but has done and will do great going forward. Oh and on a side note, that’s Heath Slater on commentary in this video!

Mike Graham vs Kevin Sullivan

The late Mike Graham gives Kevin Sullivan a bit of beating in this one. Sullivan’s day gets worse when The Midnight Rider AKA Dusty Rhodes comes into the ring and they proceed to hang Sullivan with rope from the beam above the ring (as you do).
Quite disturbing actions from the faces as they try to murder Kevin Sullivan on TV, but that’s wrestling folks!

NWA Anarchy
30th December 2006
“Untouchable” Jeremy Vain vs AJ Styles

From the NWA Anarchy Seasons Beatings event we have Jeremy Vain taking on rumored WWE bound AJ Styles! Jeremy Vain has wrestled for various NWA territories throughout his career that continues to this day. He along with AJ Styles were a part of the NWA Wildside company which ran from 1998-2005. It was NWA Wildside that TNA took some of the talent and gave them TV time. Jeremy Vain made one appearance for TNA but was never signed.
The potential arrival of AJ Styles along with Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Shinsuke Nakamura to WWE is causing a buzz on the internet among wrestling fans. AJ was with TNA from 2002-2013.

AJ Styles in the WWE is long overdue!

And Finally…

5th September 1983
Lumberjack Match
Bruiser Brody vs Kamala

From the WCCW archives we have a Lumberjack match as Bruiser Brody battles the “Ugandan Giant” Kamala! A typical crazy bloody brawl from Brody as several wrestlers surround the ring to stop the opponents escaping the ring. Bruiser Brody feuded with Kamala, Buzz Sawyer, and Abdullah The Butcher with Gary Hart in his appearances with the company. Brody teamed with Kerry Von Erich to win the NWA Tag Team Championships from The Freebirds at the WCCW/NWA Wrestling Star Wars event on 17th June 1983. The previous match between Brody and Kamala ended in a double DQ so this match was booked to end the battle.
Typical ending to a Bruiser Brody match but a proper brawl nonetheless in WCCW!

That concludes this week’s edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Pop by this time next week for another edition here on TWC! From me it’s so long folks!

Simon K ( @HobosGhost )


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