Chronicles of Honor

Chronicles of Honor Podcast: Episode 2 – The Golden Years of Honor (Part One)

On the second episode of the Chronicles of Honor mini-podcast series about the history of Ring of Honor, Jason and Nick, along with special guest co-host, independent wrestling ring announcer Emil Jay, talk about the following from ROH in the year 2004, widely considered the greatest year in the history of the company, including:

* The CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe trilogy of matches and how they still hold up today
* Emil recounts his live experiences at ROH shows in the Tri-State Area in 2004 and how he got his father to become a fan of it
* The infamous Rob Feinstein Perverted Justice incident and how it nearly spelled the early death of Ring of Honor
* The rise of Generation Next as a faction in ROH and why their debut show as a faction still holds up as a great show to this day
* The infancy of the Pure Title and the Survival of the Fittest annual event and why they were great concepts on paper, but didn’t come off well in execution
* The usage of legendary performers such as Ricky Steamboat, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes, Jim Cornette, Jushin Liger, Bobby Heenan and the Midnight Express
* The famous 75-minute match between Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries
* Final Battle 2004 and one of the greatest moments in ROH history with Austin Aries ending Samoa Joe’s reign as ROH Champion

Plus much more!


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