Davey Boy Smith Jr

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Honky’s Gonna Slap Some Babies!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! My name is Simon Knowles AKA @HobosGhost on Twitter and as usual I have compiled five clips from the world of wrestling for you to take a look at! Some clips you may have seen, others you may not have! It’s another random batch as per usual!

Without further delay let’s begin!

Pro Wrestling Syndicate
4th April 2013
7 Way Scramble Hardcore Match

We kick off with a seven way scramble hardcore match from Pro Wrestling Syndicate! In this match we have New Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Tremont, Devon Moore, Apollyon, Lucifer Darkside and Necro Butcher battling it out. Typical chaos here in what was one of New Jack’s last matches. He had his retirement match the following night in a winning effort against Necro Butcher.

Tommy Dreamer with a great line during the match (“they never had agile fat guys back in my day”) as chaos goes on around him for PWS!

Jeff Jarrett/Stony Burke vs Nasty Boys

AWA action from 1987 as Jeff Jarrett teams with Stony Burke to take on the Nasty Boys! The Nasty Boys held the AWA Southern Tag Team Championships on two occasions. Both reigns as tag champs was only 14 days combined. The Nasty Boys would go on to be a one time WWE Tag Team Champions and three time WCW Tag Team Champion while Brian Knobbs would help launch the WCW Hardcore division, winning the title three times.

Jeff Jarrett was in AWA for two years while Nasty Boys were in AWA for nearly three years. Nasty Boys had nasty attire in this one though!

Honky Tonk Man Heel Turn Promos

A small compilation of a chain of events that resulted in the Honky Tonk Man becoming a heel in the WWE after initially being presented as a face. Honky Tonk Man believed he should have been a heel from the start but Vince McMahon saw potential merchandise sales with Honky as a face. When the fans didn’t catch on to it a vote of confidence was cast. The result ended in Honky saying he was never gonna shake hands and kiss babies anymore. With cameo appearances from Hulk Hogan, Don Muraco and Jesse Ventura this is a fun compilation!

22nd July 2000
XPW World Championship Match
Sabu vs Terry Funk

After ECW went under the XPW tried to replace the extreme that was now missing temporarily from the wrestling world. With many ECW alumni such as The Sandman, New Jack, Vic Grimes and Balls Mahoney among others appearing, we have here Sabu once again battling Terry Funk for the XPW Championship!

Shortly after the infamous incident at ECW’s Heat Wave PPV in 2000 when XPW talent as well as their boss Rob Black cause a fracas before the main event, XPW had their one year anniversary event called “Go Funk Yourself”. This was the main event as Sabu defended the title against Terry Funk. Sabu had left ECW in early 2000 after allegedly refusing to put over Super Crazy. Sabu had won the XPW Championship on 29th April 2000 after defeating The Messiah in the final of a one night tournament. He would become XPW’s longest reigning champion.

You know what to expect, Sabu vs Funk from 2000!

And Finally…

Hart Family Dungeon
October 2000
Davey Boy Smith Jr vs Tyson Kidd Training Match

From the “Surviving The Dungeon” DVD that was released in 2010 we have a bonus clip here as a young Tyson Kidd and Davey Boy Smith Jr work on some sequences in the infamous Hart Dungeon. The mat is unforgiving, the dungeon doesn’t look comfortable but that’s why many great wrestlers came through Stu Hart’s dungeon. Fascinating to see Kidd and Smith Jr being coached and working through different moves and trying things out in an impromptu match.
The DVD is still available, worth a look!

That concludes this week’s Scavenger Hunt! Thank you for stopping by! Check out all the previous Hunts here and hope you stop by next Friday for another edition!

Happy Hunting!

Simon K (@HobosGhost).



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