Anarchy Championship Wrestling

HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Don’t Look Down Masada!

Hello and welcome one and all to another edition of the Scavenger Hunt! My name is Simon K AKA @HobosGhost on Twitter and each week I compile a selection of clips for you to take a look at! It’s the good, the bad and the very ugly of wrestling history. From little known bouts from big companies to stuff from the indie scene, it all gets in the Hunt eventually!

Without further delay let’s begin!

11th March 1991
Tugboat vs The Undertaker

Kicking off with a match from the Stars And Stripes Forever event as Tugboat goes one on one with The Undertaker! This match took place before Wrestlemania VII where The Undertaker’s undefeated WM streak started against Jimmy Snuka. Harking back to his brief WCW days the Undertaker demonstrates his agility even using the elbow drop from top rope against his bigger foe.

In May 1991 Tugboat first teased a heel turn but it wasn’t until the episode of WWE Superstars on 15th June 1991 that the heel turn was completed when Tugboat turned on his tag partners The Bushwhackers in a six man tag against Nasty Boys and Earthquake. Tugboat changed his name to Typhoon soon afterwards teaming with Earthquake as the Natural Disasters.
The Undertaker dominates the larger Tugboat in the WWE!

July 1984
Piper’s Pit Segment

With the passing of “Iron” Mike Sharpe at the age of 64, here is a little Piper’s Pit segment with him and the late Roddy Piper. Mike Sharpe was used as an enhancement talent towards the end of his time in WWE but before that he was battling the likes of Bob Backlund, Tito Santana and Don Muraco in close bouts. Mike Sharpe and Roddy Piper share the stage in WWE.

WXW Germany
13th June 2015
WXW Shotgun Championship Match
Ilja Dragunov vs “Bad Bones” John Klinger

Action from Germany now as John Klinger battles Ilya Dragunov for his Shotgun Championship!

John Klinger won the chance to try out for TNA but never signed a contract with them. The 31 year old wrestles all around Europe and is one of the finest talents around. He has won all the titles available in WXW as well as before a two time former IPW UK Heavyweight Champion.

Ilya Dragunov has been wrestling for three years. Born in Russia but signed to WXW, it’s pretty amazing that he is only 22 years old! He has won the WXW Germany Shotgun Championship on two occasions and the WXW Tag Team Championships once. Great ring awareness from such a young talent.

John Klinger tries to teach the young Dragunov a lesson or two in Germany!

Anarchy Championship Wrestling
15th January 2012
ACW Hardcore Championship Scaffold Match
Masada vs Matthew Palmer

Sheer anarchy erupts as Masada defends his Hardcore Championship against Mathew Palmer in a Scaffold match!

Masada is a well traveled death match veteran of 15 years who can also wrestle very well in normal bouts. He once went over two years undefeated in CZW winning the Ultra violent and Heavyweight Championships as well as being the only back to back winner of the CZW Tournament Of Death. He was ACW Hardcore Champion for 847 days.

Matthew Palmer has been wrestling for seven years and was trained by Lance Hoyt, Bob Evans and Wally Darkmon. He has appeared for ACW every year since 2008. He has held the ACW Tag Team titles, the Hardcore title and the Heavyweight title.
With the scaffold so high you can see vehicles drive past, this is one crazy bout for the ACW Hardcore Championship!

And Finally…

Remix Pro
17th October 2015
Kimber Lee vs Heidi Lovelace

Completing this week’s edition is this really great match between Kimber Lee and Heidi Lovelace for Remix Pro Wrestling! Both competitors are making history with Chikara holding the two singles titles available. Heidi Lovelace is the reigning Young Lions Cup holder while Kimber Lee is the reigning Chikara Grand Champion. Both are only 25 years old with Heidi starting one year before Kimber Lee. Heidi was trained at the Ohio Valley Wrestling training camp while Kimber Lee was trained at the Combat Zone Wrestling Dojo.

An brilliant encounter between two of the best indie wrestlers around!

That’s it for another week from me! Just wanna say TWC is three years old and I have been a part of it for a year and a half. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and please feel free to check out past Scavenger Hunts here as well as the Piledriver Podcast and reviews of NXT, WWE and more.

From me it’s so long and hope to see you next Friday for another edition of the Scavenger Hunt! (I need a theme song)

Simon K (@HobosGhost)


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