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NXT Recap – 2/3/16

Hello Wrestling Chronicle readers! Angie here with this week’s NXT recap. Exciting times in the world of WWE and NXT these past few weeks with some new additions to the roster but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s’ get to recapping tonight.

Written by: Angie Delgado

The Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillians

NXT starts of with some manly competition. The Vaudevillans are showing some new aggression as of late. By the looks for their new vignettes, I thought they were going to go in a different direction gimmick wise. As for the Hype Bros, I don’t get it. Sure they’re entertaining but what else? Nothing much when on in the match. The Vaudevillians got the victory via Whirling Dervish. Let’s see where this new aggression leads them.

Tom Phillips has a sit down interview with Carmella. I liked this interview. It’s nice to get some background on some of these up and coming NXT Divas. I didn’t know her dad was in the WWE in the early 90’s. It will be interesting to see what’s next for her post Enzo and Cass if they ever get to the main roster.

Carmella vs Emma

Carmella continues to roll on her way to her title match with Bayley. She gets a roll up victory over Emma in a quick yet competitive match. I wonder if Emma wasn’t ever arrested awhile back, where would she be right now. She had some great matches with Paige in the early NXT days. Then she went to the main roster and was wasted with Santino. She is still young and she would fit in what’s happening now in the main roster. She has the talent and I hope she doesn’t get looked over.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Local Talent

I guess Enzo and Big Cass needed a good squash match to get back on track. In my opinion, these guys should be or be close to the main roster. They should’ve won the tag titles in London. Unless they want to keep building up a huge tag team title victory, I don’t see them in NXT much longer. My hope is after Wrestlemania.

William Regal announces a match between Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe to determine the number one contender for the NXT Championship.

Asuka vs Santana Garrett

Bless your heart, Santana Garrett. you showed grit but Asuka is too much. Her speed is unreal and her kicks are vicious. Asuka wins via the Asuka Lock. She has to be next woman up in the NXT Women’s Title picture.

Main Event: Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor in a non title match

I’ve had my say about Apollo Crews on here many times. Lately, he’s impressed me. Down the line, I hope he’s NXT champ. I like how Apollo asked for this match just to finish what they’ve started. You don’t see a lot of friendly challenges. This match started out slow with the two exchanging locks and holds. In the words of Kevin Owens, “CHINLOCK CITY”. Finn changed the pace with his kicks. Even though Crews is much more built than Finn, they match up perfectly. Crews went for his gorilla press/moonsault but Finn kicked out in a close count. Finn hits the Coup de Grace and another move he pulled out (EDIT: Brainbuster). Finn gets a victory. This match was great. The two obviously have respect for each other as they embraced at the end. Hope to see more Balor and Crews matches in the future.

That’s a wrap on NXT this week! Thoughts? Follow me on Twitter @angtweetz_



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