HobosGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – The Return of Hip Hop Man!

Hello everyone! It is Friday therefore it’s time once again for the long running weekly edition of the Scavenger Hunt! Each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling found on the internet for you to see! The good, bad and sometimes very ugly all feature in the Hunt at some point! From crazy promos to legendary matches to the downright rubbish it’s all welcome in the Hunt! My name is Simon Knowles from England, welcome and hope you have fun!

Let’s begin!

100% Lucha
Hip Hop Man vs La Masa

We kick off with the second match I have put up featuring Hip Hop Man from the Argentinian kids wrestling show 100% Lucha!
100% Lucha ran between 2006-2010 and featured a collection of characters portrayed from different countries such as England, Scotland, and America when the majority of wrestlers were in fact Argentinian. Hip Hop Man still wrestles today primarily in Mexico and he was the high flyer who ultimately was defeated.

Hip Hop Man battles the much larger La Masa with a surprising result. Check out the dreadlocks referee as well!

February 1984
Nick Bockwinkel/Bobby Heenan Promo

A great promo here from Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan in AWA making their case why Verne Gagne’s sleeper was a choke while Bockwinkel demonstrates his version on the poor backstage interviewer! Bobby Heenan dropping a great line about all the kids and elderly ladies trying to perform the sleeper how to do it right while Bockwinkel is funny and bullying at the same time. Just a great promo from the late Bockwinkel and the greatest manager of all time Bobby Heenan!

5th May 1994
Explosion Bomb Barbed Wire Cage Death Match
Atsushi Onita vs Genichiro Tenryu

From the FMW 5th Anniversary event this match took place on my 10th birthday! Death Match specialist Atsushi Onita looks worse for wear by the end of this bout as he battles recently retired and much decorated Champion Genichiro Tenryu!

Typical Onita surroundings as the cage is covered in barbed wire with the added explosives of course! Having dropped out of high school without graduating, Onita trained under Giant Baba. Onita returned to high school and graduated in his 30’s. Onita followed Antonio Inoki and Hiroshi Hase into politics in 2001.

Having adopted the death match ideology from working in Memphis in his early years, Onita was successful in developing death match wrestling in Japan. Here is one example of that in his company FMW!

26th October 2008
FCW Tag Team Championship Match
Joe Hennig/Heath Miller vs Dolph Ziggler/Gavin Spears

Florida Championship Wrestling action as Dolph Ziggler and Gavin Spears (NXT Tye Dillinger) take on the tag champs Hennig and Miller (Curtis Axel and Heath Slater).

Axel and Slater are currently part of the Social Outcasts group with Bo Dallas and Adam Rose in WWE but like much of the current roster they were part of FCW when it was WWE’s developmental! FCW was run by Steve Keirn AKA Skinner until it became NXT. Trained by Curtis Hughes at WWA4, Slater joined WWE in 2006. He won the FCW Tag Titles, FCW Southern Heavyweight Title and the FCW Heavyweight Title and is a three time WWE Tag Team Champion with Justin Gabriel.

The future Social Outcasts take on Ziggler and Dillinger in FCW!

And Finally…

9th December 1999
WCW Tag Team Championship Match
Creative Control vs Bret Hart/Goldberg

With the news Bret Hart is fighting prostate cancer we conclude with Hart teaming with Goldberg on WCW Thunder to challenge Creative Control for the WCW Tag Team Championships!

Creative Control were The Harris Brothers returning to WCW in the Autumn of 1999 as Gerald and Patrick. Their names were a play at Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson who were on screen stooges of Vince McMahon in WWE at the time. They held the WCW Tag Team Titles three times. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels both mentioned the Harris Brothers in their autobiographies about the Montreal Screwjob. The Harris Brothers had said they would watch Michaels’ back while Hart said the brothers had threatened Michaels over disrespect.

Bret Hart and Goldberg were building up to a Championship match before this bout. Everyone hopes Bret Hart makes a full recovery from prostate cancer. So sit back and see Bret Hart continue to be the “Excellence Of Execution” in this bout from WCW!

That is it for this week folks! Whether this is your first time here or a regular viewer, I thank you all for stopping by! Feel free to tweet me via the @HobosGhost username and use the #ScavengerHunt hashtag! Until next Friday it’s so long for now folks!

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