Disciples of Death

Lucha Underground Recap – 2/3/16

Welcome to the first of many weekly recaps of El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground. Season two is already under way so let’s get right to it!

Written by: Erik Vasquez

Tonight’s episode begins with a bit of a highlight reel of Season One and to where current things are now with Mil Muertes reigning as the new Lucha Underground Champion and Catrina being in control of Lucha Underground and The Temple.

We come to the former Champion Prince Puma working out in a gym area with the lost of his championship to Mil Muertes still heavy on his mind. He is interrupted by Pentagon Jr, the man with “cero miedo”. Pentagon Jr. thanks Puma for his assistance last week and informs him that he and Prince Puma will be teaming together tonight. After the tag match, Pentagon Jr. has plans to come after Prince Puma. The two men get into an epic brawl in the gym ending with Puma using a backflip kick straight out of Tekken to fight off Pentagon Jr. who laughs maniacally.

We are welcomed to The Temple by color commentators Matt Striker and Vampiro. Striker sends it to the ring where Melissa Santos introduces us to our first competitors of the night.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

What a great contest to open the show. This was a fast paced, back and forth action spot bout. If you are looking for some rest holds or chin locks you are going to be so disappointed. There was nothing I didn’t like about this match. What I did like was Killshot had a fighting chance so the match was very even and it almost looked like he had the victory after the 450 splash. What I also liked was Mundo playing the heel of the match, not a common sight with Mundo. He’s taunting, arrogant, and cocky which seemed to have gained him a new fan in Vampiro. The new heel Johnny Mundo uses a creative way to deliver a low blow, catch Killshot with a springboard kick, and connect with his split legged corkscrew finisher known as The End of the World. Touchè Mundo, Touchè.

Johnny seems to be feeling good right now. So good in fact he thought it was a good idea to provoke the Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes, who sits high up on a throne overlooking The Temple. Before anything between Mundo and Muertes can happen, out comes “The Swolverine” Cage looking like he’s a few curls away from popping like a balloon.

Long story short Cage wants Mil Muertes because he wants a title shot. If he has to go through Johnny Mundo to get it then so be it. I don’t know about you, but I’m so down for a Mil Muertes/Cage match.

Johnny Mundo reenters the ring and tries to sneak attack Cage from behind. The bigger Cage fights off Mundo’s attack with a impressive display of power. Cage shoulder blocks Mundo turning him inside out. Mundo escapes but you can definitely see the fear in his eyes. You can also see the discontent growing in the Champion as he sits on his throne wearing a sling.

We come back from break and Sexy Star still looks to be captured by Marty “The Moth” Martinez. He brings her what I’m guessing is the carcass of a dead moth? Creepy.

A really cool action vignette was playing for the “Darewolf” PJ Black who will be debuting later tonight. He beat up a bunch of biker luchadors. Pretty cool.

The Mack vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black

Another great match filled with back and forth action. I love Willie Mack or The Mack as he is known in LU. Deceptively agile and charismatic he is a great edition to the Lucha Underground roster. Same could be said of “The Darewolf” PJ Black or better known as WWE’s Justin Gabriel. I am a big fan of Black as well. He left the bright lights of Stanford because he wanted to break free from the creative chains that were shackling him. I respect that I myself haven’t heard him burn any bridges which is very common these days and as the vignette says, he doesn’t do this for fame or money, he does it for the art. As for the match, surprising yet great end. Awesome Stunner from Mack catching a springboarding Black off the top rope. Great debut for Black.

Really cool action vignette for Kobra Moon. Looking forward to her debut next week.

Main Event: 3 on 2 Handicap Match – Disciples of Death vs. Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr.

This man scares the sh*t out of me.

Disciples of Death are the current Lucha Underground Trios Champions. Prince Puma was the first ever Lucha Underground Champion winning it in an Aztec Warfare match but losing it to Mil Muertes in an Ultima Lucha match. Oh yeah, there’s Catrina. She runs with Mil Muertes and Disciples of Death. They are like a really scary undead gang that takes human souls. I mean look at that man. I am scared. Caught up? Cool.

Disciples of Death quickly jump on Puma and Pentagon Jr. Puma is able to fight them off and Pentagon Jr. goes flying out hitting a tope con giro. Disciples of Death work very well as a team. Same cannot be said about Puma and Pentagon Jr. I mean, we already saw what went down at the gym. It seems like Puma and Pentagon Jr. are playing a game of one upmanship. Funny thing is when Prince Puma is getting his ass handed to him Pentagon wants no part of the match. He gets the tag however and does come in hot hitting two very nice slingblades. This match is getting hot. Prince is perched up top and Pentagon Jr. blinds tags in! Prince Puma hits the 630 but Pentagon Jr. jumps in for the cover and gets the three count!

Puma is steaming. He goes to walk away after a spat with Pentagon Jr. and as soon as he turns his back to Pentagon Jr. Prince Puma gets hit with a lung blower! Pentagon Jr. locks Prince Puma up and it looks like he is poised to break the arm of Puma. If Pentagon Jr. is successful that most certainly means Prince Puma will be out of action indefinitely. Prince Puma somehow finds the strength to power out and break the hold. He goes to attack but Pentagon Jr. wisely rolls out of the ring. Wow, I wonder what is going to happen with these two? And when is Mil Muertes going to be cleared? He scares the hell out of me.

The show closes with a familiar voice narrating what looks to be the reincarnation of sorts of Dragon Azteca. That familiar voice?

Booyakah Bookyakah!….I’ll see myself out.

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