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HoboGhost’s Scavenger Hunt – Thank You D-Bry!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! My name is Simon Knowles and each week I compile five clips from the internet of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of wrestling! From WWE, to TNA, to NJPW to the indie scene it all makes it in to the Hunt eventually!

Without further ado let’s begin!

January 1999
One Man Gang vs King Mabel

Kicking off with a match from ACW as One Man Gang does battle with Mabel! This match took place before Mabel returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble in 1999 having beaten up Mosh of The Headbangers and took his spot. He was eliminated after Mideon and the Acolytes eliminated him and he was “sacrificed” by The Undertaker and became Viscera in the Ministry.

As expected this match is pretty basic between two big yet agile WWE Alumni and becomes a brawl outside the ring. Couldn’t help but laugh at One Man Gang with a chair stuck to his head in the crowd at the end!

12th October 1991
Axl Rotten vs Joey Maggs

With the sudden death of Axl Rotten here is an early appearance for WCW from 1991 on WCW Saturday Night. Trained by Jim Leon and debuting in wrestling in the late 80’s, Axl Rotten made a handful of appearances in WCW before joining ECW where he would stay between 1993-1999. After his time in ECW came to an end Axl Rotten appeared for various hardcore promotions such as IWA-Mid South, CZW and USA X-treme Wrestling. His dark tag team match with Balls Mahoney before an episode of WWE Sunday Night Heat has been on the Scavenger Hunt before. He wasn’t signed but Balls Mahoney was for the unsuccessful relaunch of ECW under the WWE banner.

Axl Rotten had been battling severe injuries but lost his battle aged just 44 on 4th February 2016. RIP.

NWA CyberSpace
8th January 2005
Abyss vs “The Polynesian Warrior” Mana

On to NWA CyperSpace as Mana does battle with the Monster known as Abyss! Mana is a New Zealand born wrestler trained by Afa at the WXW wrestling school. He debuted in 2000. Mana would go on to defeat Abyss in a last man standing match later in 2005 for NWA CyberSpace.

Abyss has talked about how he was approached by WWE to sign with them to build to a match at Wrestlemania against Undertaker but he turned it down and has been an ever present with TNA since the company was formed. Having been signed after appearing as Justice in NWA Wildside, Abyss has won the TNA Television Championship on two occasions (now the King Of The Mountain Championship), the TNA X Division Championship and the TNA Tag Team Championships. He has held the NWA Tag Team Championships and the NWA Heavyweight Championship when TNA and NWA were in a partnership.

Weapons, brawling and a generous dose of Black Hole Slams all feature in this match from NWA!

19th July 1994
Ric Flair/Steve Austin vs Ricky Steamboat/Sting

From an episode of WCW Saturday Night is this brilliant tag team match as Sting and Ricky Steamboat team up to battle Ric Flair and Steve Austin! Brilliant chemistry as expected between these four and a pretty bad bump by Sherri Martel to the outside of the ring, this bout could easily have been on a Pay Per View. Ric Flair had defeated Sting to unify the WCW Heavyweight and WCW International Championships at Clash Of The Champions 27 on 23rd June 1994.

Given 4 stars by Dave Meltzer this is a gem of a match hidden on WCW Saturday Night!

And Finally…

NWA Empire
21st July 2007
Bryan Danielson vs Fergal Devitt

We end with another tremendous match as Fergal Devitt battles Bryan Danielson in the Quarter Finals of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament to crown a new NWA Champion! Bryan Danielson is of course Daniel Bryan who has had to retire due to injury after a 16 year career. In WWE he held the Tag Team Championships with Kane, the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship and is a three time WWE Champion. He also held titles in ROH, PWG, NJPW, IWA Puerto Rico and NWA among others. Both Finn Balor (Devitt) and Bryan are 34 years old. Devitt is the current NXT Champion having started his career in 2001 having been trained by the late Andre Baker for NWA Hammerlock Wrestling here in England.

It is a shame one of the most popular stars of the WWE has now retired but this match is just one snippet of the 100’s of matches of Daniel Bryan.

That’s it for me for another week! I will return next Friday with another edition of the Scavenger Hunt! In the meantime check out reviews of Lucha Underground and WWE plus other shows, the Piledriver Podcast and more here on TWC!


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