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Lucha Underground Recap – S02E03

Erik here to bring you a recap of Lucha Underground. We’re on Season Two Episode Three, let’s see what went down at The Temple.

Written by: Erik Vasquez

We are welcomed to The Temple by Matt Striker and an amped up Vampiro who send us to the ring right away for our first contest.

Bengala vs. Kobra Moon

LOVED this match. Both competitors are making their first appearances in The Temple and they did not disappoint. I especially enjoyed how both Kobra Moon and Bengala played up their animal gimmicks, Kobra being sly and slithering like a snake while Bengala clawed the way you’d expect a large cat to ward off it’s predator. I saw some small but enjoyable things I had never seen before. For instance, Kobra Moon is blocking a suplex attempt from Bengala. She sort of grapevines Bengala’s leg to block. Now usually I’m used to seeing a competitor use one leg to block, not two. Neat. The submission ending was fantastic as well.

After the match we are in the office of Catrina, the woman now in charge of The Temple and Lucha Underground. She is visited by Fenix who demands a match against King Cuerno, the man who beat him last week to take the Gift of the Gods Championship. After being warned by Catrina, Fenix says he is coming after her and Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes after he handles business with King Cuerno. Here’s my deal. Mil Muertes is scary. Why you would want to threaten a man that scary is beyond me. Insane.

We return from break with a vignette for Aerostar. This vignette was amazingly done. Apparently there is this big war between the seven tribes. Aerostar believes that all the tribes must stand united as one to fight against multiple Gods coming in the form of a man. He is informed that The Gods will not return for another thousand years. If the Gods won’t come to Aerostar then Aerostar will go to the Gods. He fires up his magical powers and takes off like a rocket ship. As much as the little girl narrating the vignette wants to be hopeful for a positive outcome, she doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

We now come to a gym where the Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno is working out. He is visited by Catrina who isn’t really thrilled Cuerno didn’t destroy Fenix once and for all. Cuerno said he did exactly what Catrina wanted, protect Mil Muertes from Fenix. Catrina is giving King Cuerno one more shot to “kill the Fenix”. Tonight King Cuerno will go one on one with Fenix in a non title…Last Luchador Standing Match! The odds don’t look to be in Fenix’s favor as King Cuerno is undefeated in this match stipulation.

Jack Evans vs. Drago

I am a huge Drago fan. I love the look, the idea, and his work is top notch. I am becoming a fan of Jack Evans. I’m really only familiar with his recent PWG work but I enjoy it. Evans is a gifted high flyer with many years experience wrestling internationally under his belt. He also has a gift for pissing people off and there’s nothing I love more than a wrestler who is good at pissing people off.

This match made me go from “eh” to “that was pretty good!” by the end of it. Not a ton of high flying from Evans but he used some really nice martial arts kicks and he knew when to antagonize the crowd who booed the heck out of him. Drago controlled the match for much of the beginning, even catching Evans with a superkick right on the button while he was standing atop the ropes. Evans picks up the victory with a pretty neat but sly backslide and afterwards steals the mic to declare himself the victor. He also says that from now on he will be going by Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans. Looks like we’re going to get a nice little feud from these two.

Back from break with a vignette for Texano who is returning next week. He beat up a bunch of luchadors in a bar and it was awesome.

Prince Puma is visited by Catrina who informs him he will be facing Pentagon Jr. next week.

Fenix vs. King Cuerno – Last Luchador Standing Match

Pretty standard Last Man Standing match. A bulk of the match took place outside of the ring. Things really got cooking once Cuerno brought out a giant ladder and a table. Both fight for position with Fenix creating some space with a thrust kick. Fenix begins to ascend the giant ladder propped up against Catrina’s office with King Cuerno not far behind. Fenix gets to the rooftop first and manages to send King Cuerno crashing down smashing the table into toothpicks. Cuerno is unable to answer the referee’s count of ten and Fenix is declared the winner of the Last Luchador Standing match. Mil Muertes is halfway off his throne absolutely seething at Fenix. WHY ARE PEOPLE MAKING THIS MAN ANGRY?!

Here is your closing video to end this week’s show. Something tells me The Temple in Boyle Heights is about get a little…sleazy.

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