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Lucha Underground Recap – S02E04

Yes I realize I’m about a week late but you don’t really care do you? Let’s see what went down at The Temple in Boyle Heights.

So Ivelisse barges into Catrina’s office demanding a rematch for her and her boys against the Disciples of Death with the Trios Championship on the line. Catrina informs her that under her rule there are no automatic rematches for titles, you have to earn your spot. Catrina tells Ivelisse there is another trios team hungry for gold and if Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc want a shot at those titles they are going to have to go through them.

Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc vs. Chavo Guerrero, Cortez Castro, and Cisco

Very enjoyable opener with lots of little nuances that made the match great. Angelico was the stand out to me with his long limbed frame and his ability to hit a knee strike from any position whether it be be on defense or offense. Ivelisse continues to not only be one of the top female performers in the world in my eyes but she is most certainly in the upper echelon of performers on the LU roster both male and female. As I’ve stated before Son of Havoc is simply underrated. Again, solid match and one has to wonder if this victory was enough to convince Catrina to give them a rematch for the Trios Championship.

After the match Chavo is in the ring scolding Castro and Cisco for losing. Texano runs in with a bull rope wrapped around his fist. He takes out Cisco and Castro but Chavo escapes just in the nick of time.

After the break we get a nice little promo video for Johnny Mundo who feels he hasn’t been treated fairly in Lucha Underground. Mundo has a bit of a chip on his shoulder because he doesn’t feel he should be in the opening matches like his Ultima Lucha match with Alberto El Patron. He feels he should be in the main event. Furthermore Mundo feels he should be the Lucha Underground Champion. If he has to go through “The Machine” Cage then so be it. Cage likes to say he’s not a man he is a machine, well Johnny Mundo isn’t a man, he’s the man.

Cortez Castro is in the locker room icing up his shoulder when he is joined by his police partner Joey Ryan. Castro who is really an undercover cop doesn’t like Joey that’s easy to tell but the main goal of this operation is to convince everyone in the Temple that they are luchadors. Unlike Castro Ryan plans on winning his match, his debut, in short time with what he called, “good ‘ol fashion police work”.

Joey Ryan vs. Cage

I enjoyed this match because I went in expecting a quick bout at best but Joey Ryan really held his own against Cage. Speaking of Cage, I swear if the guy gets any bigger he’s gonna pop like a balloon. I believe Vampiro when he says Cage is 2% body fat. Again great first time showing from Joey Ryan but no one gets up from a Steiner Screwdriver.

After the match Cage stares down Mil Muertes who is still up there on his throne overlooking the Temple. Out of nowhere Johnny Mundo shows up and hits Cage with a spear. Mundo attempts his “End of the World” finisher but the attempt is thwarted by Cage. Mundo still attempts to get the upper hand but gets caught and hit with “Weapon X”. Nice try Mundo, thanks for coming.

Before the main event we were given a little back story of a little known partnership that went sour between Dario Cueto, the former owner of the Temple, and El Dragon Azteca.

Main Event: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pretty solid main event. I was expecting a bit more back and forth toward the end before the finish but in a way this match left me wanting more so I guess it’s not a bad thing. Pentagon Jr. locked in a surfboard submission and pulled back. At this point both competitors’ shoulders were down on the mat. Before the official gets a count of three Puma lifts his shoulder. Pentagon Jr. relinquishes the hold thinking he won the match. When he realizes he didn’t win his frustration causes him to take out the official. Puma wipes out Pentagon Jr. and looks to lock in Pentagon Jr.’s own shoulder breaker submission. Before executing the move Puma shows compassion and grants Pentagon Jr. mercy as we leave the Temple.

Here is your closing video:

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