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Lucha Underground Recap – S02E05

Time to get caught up with all the happenings at the Temple in Boyle Heights.

The show kicks off with a backstory as to how Vampiro became Pentagon Jr.’s maestro. (Spanish for master) It’s a very complex yet intriguing backstory so rather than me try and break it down for you here’s the opening video. Again, this is great stuff:

Jack Evans vs. PJ Black

Nice way to kick off things at the Temple. What’s quickly becoming the norm here is you won’t see a ton of rest holds or anything of the like. Lucha Underground takes many aspects of lucha libre style wrestling and sort of blends it with it’s own style and what better way to show that than Jack Evans versus PJ Black. Before the match gets underway Evans yanks the microphone away from ring announcer Melissa Santos to do his own little introduction. He takes aim at Drago claiming he plans to make Drago his little bitch. Strong words from the self professed Dragonslayer.

The match itself was fast paced with Black controlling most of the offense. During the contest Drago makes an appearance standing on the roof of the Temple Office swinging nunchucks. This gets under the skin of Evans who completely takes his eye of his opponent. Black scoops Evans up in a powerslam position and then drops him with a cutter he calls Black Diamond. Love it. You would think the match is over at this point right? Wrong! It only gets two and three quarters. At this point Drago has made his way down to ringside. A scuffle brings both men to the ropes where Drago unloads some mist that was meant for Evans but catches Black! Evans backslides Black into that odd pin and gets the win. That damn loudmouth Dragonslayer steals another victory.

Killshot vs. King Cuerno

This match was not for the Gift of the Gods Championship which leads me to believe Cuerno has something up his sleeve. As for the match it was one of those “don’t blink or you might miss something” type of bouts. Killshot is a super gifted athlete who uses speed and effective quick strikes. Much like Angelico his long limbs allow for some potent offense. There was one spot in which Killshot went for a dive with King Cuerno moving out of the way. Killshot is so tall he was able to fake the dive by executing a handspring over the top rope using the apron and landing on his feet. I’ve never seen that before. Sure Cuerno caught him with a superkick that was right on the button but let the man shine will you!

King Cuerno is quickly ascending to the top as one of my favorite competitors in Lucha Underground. He’s the complete package. Strong, agile, and a fantastic move set with moves like the “Arrow From the Depths of Hell” and the “Thrill of the Hunt”, which brought him the victory in this fun, counter for counter contest.

Gauntlet Match: Texano vs. Cisco, Cortez Castro, and Chavo Guerrero

So in order for Texano to finally get his hands on Chavo for that dastardly beating he gave him last season Texano has to run the gauntlet against The Crew. Cisco is up first but no amount of hyping up from Chavo would help as Texano hits Cisco with a superkick and it is on to the next fighter. Seriously that first fall happened so fast I had to rewind my DVR.

Cortez did a little better than his Crew counterpart getting some stiff shots in on Texano but he got a little too cocky. Texano puts him away with a blistering sit-out powerbomb.

Finally Texano gets his hands on that cobarde Chavo Guerrero. Texano had the match controlled for about 90% of the contest. Cisco distracts the official while Cortez trips the leg of Texano using his bull rope. From the outside Cortez uses the bull rope to hold down the leg of Texano while Chavo gets the three count. Sneaky sneaky sneaky…

Back from break and we learn that Dario Cueto is pretty much a psychopath. Take a look:

Pentagon Jr. has a visitor and a special request:

What sort of dark magic stuff does Catrina possess? What is she going to do to Pentagon Jr.?

Main Event: Cage vs. Johnny Mundo

This was a pretty standard contest with nothing major standing out. It was the speed and quickness of Mundo versus the power of Cage. Cage had the match well in hand when a furry boot, bright attired woman by the name of Taya comes to ringside with a lead pipe. With the referee distracted Mundo takes the pipe and cracks Cage upside the head and steals a victory! Both Taya and Johnny Mundo lay the boots to Cage and Johnny wipes out Cage with The End of the World. That’s how the show ends, here is your closing video setting up next week. Ladder Match!!!!

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