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SmackDown Recap – 3/3/16

Angie here with this week’s Smackdown recap. We’re coming off a lackluster RAW, compared to last week’s blockbuster. So let’s see what Smackdown has in store for us this week.

Written by: Angie Delgado

Dean Ambrose opens the show, grabs a chair and takes a seat in the middle of the ring. He says he’s ready to screw up everybody’s Wrestlemania plans. Dean Ambrose was really channeling his inner lunatic. I’m definitely down for a fatal 4 way in a cage at Mania. As he was going on, Kevin Owens interrupts. Owens is out saying he doesn’t have an opponent for Wrestlemania. Which is unfortunate. You would think he would have one already. K.O provokes Dean and Dean hits K.O with a steel chair. That sets up the main event for later on.

The League of Nations, Sheamus and Rusev defeated The Usos

No two teams bore me more than The League of Nations and The Usos. After a hot tag, The Usos take every member of The League of Nations out via superkicks and high flying dives. All of that wasn’t enough as Sheamus hits the brogue kick to Jimmy Uso for the win. After the match, The Dudleyz attack The Usos again. They set up a table and didn’t even use it. I don’t know what kind of match these two teams are being setting up for but I can tell you, I’m not interested. I hope my opinion changes. Pretty sure tables will be involved anyway.

Shane McMahon is going to appear on RAW on March 7th

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz

If you watched Raw this past Monday, it went exactly the same way except Dolph won.

If you didn’t watch Micheal Cole’s interview with both Sasha and Becky, please do:

You get the sense of both women wanting it more than the other. This is setting up to be Sasha’s time but why can’t it be Becky’s as well? This match was way better than Monday. Both women took the match to the outside. Both hit each other with a clothesline simultaneously. As their knocked out on the ground, Ric Flair is struttin’ and wooin’ in their face. As Becky and Sasha both get up to confront them, Charlotte attacks them and the match ends in a no contest.

Charlotte and Ric Flair are celebrating backstage because they think Charlotte is free from defending her title at Wrestlemania. In the words of Lee Corso, NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND! Renee Young got the scoopz and informed Charlotte that she will be defending her Divas Title at Mania against Sasha and Becky. This is already the greatest Divas title match in Wrestlemania history and it didn’t happen yet. Can’t wait!

AJ Styles defeated Kofi Kingston

Watching this match reminded me how good Kofi is as a singles competitor. You forget he’s held the IC and United States title multiple times. A great opponent for AJ Styles. Kofi hit the SOS for a near fall. He went for Trouble in Paradise but Styles counters with a vicious Pele Kick. After many distractions from The New Day, the referee finally tosses them out from ringside. As Kofi was arguing, Styles hit his flying elbow for the win. Competitive match. It will be interesting match Monday when Y2AJ (Ugh, this name sucks) takes on The New Day for the Tag Titles. Will Jericho turn on Styles? Or will it be the other way around? Since they released Y2AJ shirts already, it’s high unlikely but you never know.

Byron Saxton breaks news that Bray Wyatt will go one on one with Brock Lesnar next Saturday at WWE: Roadblock. ONLY on the WWE Network.

The best match of their on and off feud. MVP of the match was Mauro Ranallo though. Towards the end, he definitely gave the audience at home a JR vibe. He made the match important. It felt like a main event for a PPV, not just for Smackdown. Take notes, Cole. After near count outs and near falls, Dean Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds for the victory. Dean Ambrose is on a roll heading to Roadblock and Wrestlemania. Now what’s next for Kevin Owens? He still doesn’t have an opponent for Mania. Rumors are saying Sami Zayn or having multiple men fight for the title. Maybe another ladder match? We’ll see on Monday if we get some answers. 31 Days till Wrestlemania. Feel the excitement!

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Thanks for reading and catch you on here next week!


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