Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Recap – S02E06

Tonight’s episode promises to be stacked with Fenix vs. Cuerno in a Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship, Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. and more!

Written by: Erik Vasquez

The opening of tonight’s episode was, as we say, hot fire. Mil Muertes is mad at Catrina for making the Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. match. In a way this kind of makes Mil Muertes a fighting champion. The entire segment was so well done.

What an interesting detail to add to the story of Mil Muertes. I’m starting to see what I like overall from Lucha Underground. The intricate stories mixed with athletic wrestling matches that LOOK like actual matches rather than using wrestling as a theatrical performance. Sorry Cornette, I disagree with you on this one.

As we enter The Temple we see something we have yet to see this season, Mil Muertes is not on his throne. Does this mean he will be in action tonight?

Sexy Star vs. Kobra Moon

A very interesting competitive match from both women. Basically it was the veteran Star versus the Temple rookie Kobra Moon. This was back and forth match until Marty the Moth made an appearance. Before him The Mack showed up but nothing went down. Sexy Star sees her former kidnapper in the stands and that’s all it takes for Sexy Star to take her eye off the ball and get caught in the clutches of Kobra Moon’s Dragon Sleeper. Impressive.

After the match we get a commercial for Famous B, a famous underground fighter! If you want to get famous all you have to dial is 423-GET-FAME. Dial it, let me know if it is legit.

Turns out the commercial was being watched by Dragon Azteca Jr. who should have been training instead of watching TV according to Rey Mysterio. The two trade strikes and Mysterio informs Azteca Jr they have to get him ready. For what you ask?

“Your destiny.”- Rey Mysterio

Afterward we get a pretty sweet video package on King Cuerno, the Gift of the Gods Champion. He will be defending his title against his nemesis Fenix. His plan is to take on Mil Muertes and win the Lucha Underground Championship.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

I was really enjoying this match. Fast paced heavy on the strikes. Everything was fine and dandy until Mil Muertes showed up and basically killed anything that was walking. After taking out both Puma and Pentagon Jr. he hits them both with a double flatliner. Oh yeah, he ripped his arm sling clean off. Looks like the Lucha Underground Champion is fully healed.

Two big blockbuster announcements coming in tonight. First, next week Mil Muertes will defend his Lucha Underground Championship against Prince Puma AND Pentagon Jr. Second, in three weeks 20 fighters will converge for Aztec Warfare. Two fighters will begin the match with a new fighter entering every 90 seconds. Pinfall or submission will get you eliminated. The last fighter standing will be given a number one contender shot for the Lucha Underground Championship.

King Cuerno (c) vs. Fenix – Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

This was an incredible ladder match. Started off fast then shifted to tons of heavy strikes and ladder spots on the outside. Both men jockey for position and both just end up crashing to the mat. Cuerno looks to end the match for Fenix by sending him through a table with The Thrill of the Hunt. Fenix counters and sends Cuerno through the table with a top rope rana! Fenix ascends the ladder and brings down the Gift of the Gods title and is the new Champion. He points to Mil Muertes who doesn’t look too happy as we go off the air.

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