Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Recap – S02E07

Need to get caught up on Lucha Underground before a new episode? Erik here with a recap of Episode 7 of Season 2!

Written by Erik Vasquez

The show opens with Mack finding Sexy Star at her locker. He informs her that he has a match tonight against her kidnapper Marty the Moth and he wants her in his corner. Sexy Star is reluctant at first and wants no part of it but Mack reminds of the Sexy Star he knew, the one who wouldn’t run and hide. This is enough to convince her to be in his corner.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. The Mack

Marty “The Moth” Martinez is being hella creepy to Melissa Santos and the ref does not like it.

The match starts off hot with The Mack coming in with rapid fire offense. It’s a back and forth contest for the most part. Really cool to see Marty, who is a rather stocky fellow, pull off an impressive over the top rope dive with such grace. The closing of the match had The Mack well in control until the lights went out at The Temple. What was thought to be a technical difficulty was actually the emergence of Marty’s sister Mariposa who is equally as creepy. This must have been the woman Sexy Star was speaking of when The Mack found her. Poor Sexy Star is having a panic attack when she is ordered by Mariposa to stand. Mariposa hits her with a stiff boot that lays Sexy Star out.

After the match we get a pretty neat video package for one of my favorite competitors, Fenix.

Okay so this next segment was definitely not one to miss out on. Drago confronts Jack Evans in the immaculately cleaned Temple bathroom and says if Evans is the Dragon Slayer then he better start slaying. Drago kicks the lights out and Evans is shook! Out of nowhere PJ Black enters and lays Drago out with his own nunchuck from last week’s match! All three men start doing these crazy nunchuck moves then Drago smacks the bejesus out of both men with one strike. This was only short lived as both men start going to town on Drago. Suddenly an ominous voice sounds from the distance and sparks begin to flare. Holy [bleep] it’s Aerostar! And he has his own glow in the dark nunchucks! Black and Evans bail out of that bathroom like a bunch of schoolyard bullies that got punked out by the new kid. I love it.
Cage vs. Taya – No Disqualification Match

This was a wild one folks and I’m not even kidding. Originally this match was supposed to be Cage against Johnny Mundo in a No DQ match but Taya, bless her heart, wants a shot at The Machine. Cage pretty much dominated about 90% of this match which culminated in Cage suplexing Taya from the inside of the ring to the outside crashing through two tables. Cage is about to end things when Johnny Mundo appears cracking Mundo with a lead pipe. Mundo stacks Taya on top of Cage, adds his weight, and Cage still kicks out! Mundo can’t believe it. He retrieves a cinder block and some empty beer bottles from under the ring. Cage gets the upper hand and looks to Curbstomp Mundo the same way he did Mack last season! Taya breaks things up before anything can happen to the face of Johnny Mundo but gets dumped for her troubles. Johnny literally cracks Cage over the head square with beer bottles twice and Cage doesn’t even blink. By then Mundo gives the ‘ol “F this” and shoves Taya into the grasp of Cage who ends the match with Weapon X. Wild.
Awww yeah Famous B is back! He’s gonna tell us how to get famo……DAAAAAMN BRENDA! WHAT HAPPENED?! 

Check out what’s in store for next week on Lucha Underground!

Main Event: Mil Muertes (c) vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship
This was a really fun main event. Being that it is a triple threat match there was disqualification. That in turn allowed the match to go anywhere it wanted in The Temple and it did just that. Tons of dives from all three men. I liked that Puma and Pentagon Jr. understood that Mil Muertes must be taken out of the equation if any of them wanted to win this match. They would double team the bigger Mil Muertes but when they did enough damage to him they’d go right after each other. It’s strategic without insulting the audience. Another positive thing is that the match was well balanced. Mil Muertes is a beast and as good as Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. are, it would take more than that to put the Champion away. They tried to do it with about twenty superkicks but still the strength and darkness is no match for either Prince Puma or Pentagon Jr. who fall to a double flatliner from the Champion Mil Muertes.
Catrina moves in and gives the “Lick of Death” (still can’t figure out if this is supposed to be a bad thing) but then suddenly a wild Fenix appears to end the show!

So what did you think of this episode of Lucha Underground? Comment below or reach out to us on social media!

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