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Lucha Underground Recap – S02E08

Sorry for the delay on this recap, been a little under the weather. Let’s head back to the Temple shall we?

Written by: Erik Vasquez

Okay so this episode starts off hot with a swerve I never even saw coming. Apparently Fenix and Catrina had a thing. Catrina must’ve had to choose between Fenix and Mil Muertes, obviously we know the outcome of that. Here’s the kicker (unless I’m missing something), Catrina is dead and she needs Fenix’s powers to bring her back to life. Catrina and Fenix share a really passionate kiss and after Catrina has tears streaming down her face. She obviously still has very strong feelings for Fenix. HOWEVER she tells Fenix that was their last kiss, tonight Mil Muertes will destroy Fenix. Tumblr fanfic has nothing on Lucha Underground.

Disciples of Death (c) vs. Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse for the Trios Championship

The stakes were raised in this one if you remember. Should the Disciples of Death retain their Trios Championship then Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico must hit the open road and never come back to The Temple. The match starts off hot with all six competitors in the ring. DoD is getting hit heavy and fast in the beginning of this contest by all three members of the other team at the same time. This is the moment where Ivelisse, Havoc, and Angelico have looked the strongest as a unit finally leaving any animosity between each other in the past. Son of Havoc is so graceful in the ring. Everything is fluid and agile. Ivelisse continues to show that she is underrated as a performer male or female. The girl can work. What more can I say about Angelico. This guy is a star. This guy is money. Angelico brings something new and fresh to the game (at least in my eyes) with the pinpoint accuracy knee strikes and his ability to use every inch and limb of his long bodied frame. I could watch these guys as a team all day.

Disciples of Death aren’t that bad either. Solid unit as a team, did a nice job of taking over the pace of the match and slowing it down, and did a great job making Ivelisse look really good by working over her leg which she has a history of injuries with. It made the hot tag to Havoc even better. Disciples tried to pull the ‘ol switcharoo with the referee distracted but the small package only got a two count. End of the match saw Havoc hit an amazing Shooting Star Press for the win. We have new Trios Champions – and they keep their jobs!

Johnny Mundo interrupts Prince Puma while he’s working out to give him a little message:

We come to Rey Mysterio pouring a shot for Dragon Azteca Jr. and himself. He informs Dragon Azteca Jr. that his training is done and it is time for him to make his debut at The Temple. Mysterio passes Dragon an invitation to Aztec Warfare next week. Dragon Azteca Jr. if Rey would join him but Rey Mysterio has another surprise for him. Rey Mysterio has also received an invitation for Aztec Warfare. The two toast to the best man winning.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Texano – Bullrope Match

For a Bullrope Match this sure did not have that many intense bullrope spots. That is not to say the match wasn’t good, maybe I am just accustomed to seeing more…violence with a rope and a cowbell. Interesting tidbit, being that the match was technically no disqualification, Chavo thought he had things figured out by trying to sick the other Crew members Cisco and Cortez Castro on Texano. Cisco and Castro look to be fed up with taking orders from Chavo and bail on him.

Texano was able to get some nice strikes in. The match was well balanced on offense so it wasn’t a bore. Like I said solid contest but not a lot of bullrope violence.

After the match Mil Muertes is in the locker room absolutely destroying the Disciples of Death. My guess is he wasn’t too happy with them losing the Trios Championship earlier this evening.

We’re on a remote location 375 miles away from The Temple in Boyle Heights with Dario Cueto. In the background you can hear someone being mauled to death by a growling beast. Cueto tells Black Lotus he thinks this beast is ready to help him win back his Temple. He unlocks a crate and out steps this colossal beast of a creature.

If Cueto is trying to take back The Temple from Catrina and Mil Muertes that…thing is definitely looking like a solid plan.

Mil Muertes (c) vs. Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship

So the blood that I expected to see during the Bullrope Match and didn’t get, I certainly got it in this main event. These two took their rivalry to new levels by going through an all out war with one another. I guess this match was under no disqualification because the referee was being pretty lenient. The brawl even took to the second level steps in the crowd.

At one point Mil Muertes busts open the skull of Fenix and begins ripping at his mask to inflict more damage. No matter what Mil Muertes does Fenix just seems to kick out of. Fenix got the upperhand and returned favor to Mil Muertes by ripping a huge chunk out of his mask. This act enrages Mil Muertes who pounces on Fenix and begins laying in some heavy shots. Mil Muertes hits Fenix with a devastating Uranage but Fenix just won’t die. Mil Muertes looks to put away Fenix with the Flatliner when just in the nick of time Fenix escapes and traps Mil Muertes in a float over cradle pin! 1..2..3! Fenix is your new Lucha Underground Champion! Third in the company’s history.

Mil Muertes and Catrina are heated. So what do they do to get back at Fenix? Next week is Aztec Warfare. Usually the winner of the Aztec Warfare match gets a number one contendership spot for the Lucha Underground Championship. Catrina makes the announcement that this year’s winner won’t be the number one contender, they will be the Lucha Underground Champion! Fenix will enter as number one and Mil Muertes will enter at number twenty. The odds are most certainly stacked against Fenix.

That’s the show ladies and gentlemen! What did you think of this episode of Lucha Underground? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media!

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