Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Recap – Aztec Warfare II (S02E09)

Two fighters begin. Every 90 seconds another competitor enters. You are eliminated by pinfall or submission. The last man standing is the Lucha Underground Champion. This is Aztec Warfare.

Written by: Erik Vasquez

The show starts with Pentagon Jr. confronting the new Lucha Underground Champion Fenix. While Pentagon Jr. threatens to take Fenix’s championship the lights flicker and appears Catrina. She informs Pentagon Jr. he never even received an invitation to Aztec Warfare because he put his hands on Catrina. Fenix’s time with the title is only temporary because Mil Muertes is taking it back tonight. Lights flicker on again and Catrina is gone. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. stare each other down.

Aztec Warfare II

Last week after being defeated by Fenix, Mil Muertes’ sidekick made the stipulation that Fenix will be entering Aztec Warfare at number one. His opponent to kick off the event? The debuting Rey Mysterio Jr. The two shake hands as a show of respect and the bell rings.

Mysterio definitely has some pep in his step and looks to be in great shape as well. The third participant is King Cuerno. He makes an immediate impact by hitting Fenix with a beautiful topé he calls “Arrow From the Depths of Hell.” The fourth participant is Argenis who begins going to work on Fenix. Argenis is the first to attempt a cover after hitting Mysterio with a superkick but only for a two count. Sadly that’s all the showing from Argenis as he gets caught with a 619 from Mysterio then gets pinned after a Frog Splash from the top rope. Argenis is your first competitor eliminated. The fifth competitor to enter is Johnny Mundo.

Mundo and Mysterio battle then Fenix joins the battle. Mysterio gets kicked on the apron knocking him to the outside leaving Fenix and Mundo all alone. There was a pretty neat spot where Mundo and Fenix traded lateral presses around the ring till Mundo was able to get his foot on the ropes. The sixth entrant into Aztec Warfare is Joey Ryan. Instead of entering the match, Ryan handcuffs himself outside the ring. I can’t figure out if this is smart strategy or not but King Cuerno doesn’t give a damn, he just knocked Joey’s head off with a superkick. Number seven entrant is the inaugural Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma. He gets in the ring and cleans house and when everyone else is outside Puma takes flight with a beautiful springboard shooting star press to the outside. He socks Joey Ryan in the mouth for the hell of it. The eighth entrant is the Dragonslayer of The Temple Jack Evans. While Evans takes his time to get into the ring, Mysterio traps King Cuerno win an armbar and he is forced to tap out. Mysterio, Fenix, and Prince Puma all gang up on Johnny Mundo while Evans springboards into the match, missing, and planting his face on the canvas. Mundo rolls out and the same three men all gang up on Evans. Mundo reenters and starts laying the boots as if he is a part of the stomping crew, but then he gets dumped to the outside. Mysterio climbs the shoulders of Fenix, launches off, and comes crashing down onto Jack Evans with a huge splash. Mundo pulls Evans out to safety and the two begin to bicker on the outside. The clock strikes zero and ninth participant is Taya Valkyrie. Mundo, Evans, and Taya huddle up to come up with a plan to thwart Puma, Mysterio, and Fenix. They rush the ring and start laying the boots to all three men. Taya is vicious. It would be pretty neat to see these three go after the Trios Championship. They dispose of Fenix and Puma to the outside and immediately target Mysterio who’s been battling for quite a while now. Evans and Taya hold down Mysterio diagonal to the turnbuckle so this leaves me to assume he was planning to hit “The End of the World” but the tenth entrant may have other plans. He’s not a man, he is a machine! It’s Cage! And he goes off absolutely destroying the evil three in the ring. He launches Evans from pillar to post as we go to commercial break.

Back from break and Cage exits the ring to go after Johnny Mundo. Cage looks to maybe powerbomb Mundo on the outside but Taya decided to sacrifice herself for Mundo. Taya gets body slammed by Cage who then gets caught with a superkick and an apron spin kick. For tonight’s first holy [bleep] moment, as the clock counts down to our next entrant Mundo launches Cage through the window of The Temple office! Number eleven is one of my absolute favorite luchadors, Mascarita Sagrada! Mundo can’t contain himself mocking the height of Sagrada. No worries, Mascarita Sagrada wows the crowd with an amazing tilt-a-whirl headscirror on Fenix. Sagrada gets brave and tries to hit a topé on Mundo but Mundo just catches him like a football. Mundo mocks Cage by curling Mascarita Sagrada as Cage does with his lighter opponents. Cage crawls out the broken window with blood smeared across his angry scowl. Mundo is to busy showboating to realize the monster has awakened! Mundo turns around and gets his head taken clean off by a discus lariat from Cage. He quickly scoops Mundo up and flattens him with Weapon X on the outside. Incredible. Cage tosses Mundo back inside the ring. He rolls to the middle and Prince Puma hits Mundo with a standing shooting star press to eliminate Johnny Mundo. Evans hits Puma with a springboard corkscrew kick. On the outside Cage hits Taya with a back body drop onto the apron. The twelfth entrant is Marty “The Moth” Martinez. He takes Evans and Fenix out with two huge lariats and a bicycle kick for Prince Puma. He zeros in on Taya but Mascarita Sagrada starts flailing away on Marty. Bless his heart. He gets wiped out by a big boot from Martinez. Evans tries taking out Marty with a 540 kick but the creepy Martinez just laughs it off. Evans tries a body scissors but Marty counters it into a wicked wheelbarrow German suplex. Evans manages to dump Marty to the outside as the clock counts down to zero. The thirteen invitee to Aztec Warfare is Drago! Evans is scared out of his mind. We’re off to break.

Back from break and Evans tries some crazy handspring flip over the top rope. What was even more impressive was he landed on his feet. Sure, Drago kicked his lights out, but he landed on his feet. Drago attempts to mist Jack Evans but Evans ducks and a handcuffed Joey Ryan gets misted instead. So far his plan of handcuffing himself isn’t working out. Drago and Evans battle amongst the crowd. In the ring Mysterio and Sagrada double team Marty. Mysterio comes off the top with another big splash while Mascarita Sagrada adds some more weight for the pin. Marty “The Moth” Martinez has been eliminated. On the outside Drago hip tosses Jack Evans to the floor while Cage and Prince Puma battle on the outside. It’s time for the fourteenth participant The Mack. He goes to enter the ring but has second thoughts. He sees Marty exit and decides to add insult to his elimination by hitting him with a Stunner. Now Mack decides to enter the ring and is confronted by his old adversary Cage. The two giants slug it out in the middle of the ring. Mack gets the upper hand and hits Cage with a Stunner! On the outside Fenix has Mascarita Sagrada and looks to powerbomb him into Prince Puma. Puma ducks and Sagrada goes crashing into Joey Ryan. Yup, the handcuffed idea has bombed horribly. Number fifteen makes his way to the ring and it’s that dastardly Chavo Guerrero. As he is making his way down the stairs it is just absolute anarchy with bodies crashing everywhere around The Temple. Mascarita Sagrada comes flying off the top but gets caught by Chavo. Guerrero dmps him around then locks in El Caballo (camel clutch). Mascarita Sagrada submits and is eliminated. In the ring Mysterio is able to counter Cage and have him in prime position for a 619. Right before he can hit it Taya pulls down the middle rope and Mysterio goes flying. Johnny Mundo appears with a cinder block and obliterates it over the skull of Cage. Taya rolls Cage over on the inside and eliminates Cage as our next entrant is counted down. In the ring Fenix hits Taya with a devastating German suplex and Taya is eliminated. The sixteenth entrant is “The Darewolf” PJ Black. Instead of entering the ring Black enters the crowd and joins the scuffle between Drago and his buddy Jack Evans. In the ring Fenix gets his clock cleaned by Prince Puma. Black suplexes Drago onto the steps in the crowd. This is madness. Black and Evans team up on Drago but he is able to fight back. The seventeenth entrant is Aerostar! He enters the ring and sort of evens the odds against his friend Drago. Black hits Drago with a vicious brainbuster while Aerostar hits Evans with a Destroyer Piledriver off the top rope! Each man pins his adversary, Drago and Jack Evans have been eliminated. The eighteenth entrant is the debuting Dragon Azteca Jr. who has been training with the second entrant Rey Mysterio Jr., who is still in this match. Dragon clears the ring and has a nice sequence with PJ Black. Mack enters the ring and tries his hand at Dragon but gets dumped to the outside. Dragon slingshots himself from the ring to the shoulders of Mack and hits him with a beautiful ‘rana. Dragon goes back into the ring, goes to the opposite corner, takes off, and flips over the turnbuckle into Mack on the outside. Incredible. The nineteenth entrant is Texano who hits the ring and everyone scurries away. Time for a commercial break.

Back from break with Texano taking out everyone with a nice tope con hilo. Texano gets rolled back into the ring by PJ Black. The two have a back and forth in the ring until Texano is able to hit Black with a sit out powerbomb. PJ Black is eliminated. The final entrant is Aztec Warfare is the former champion Mil Muertes. As he and Catrina are walking down the Temple steps, out from the crowd is Pentagon Jr. who attacks Mil Muertes from behind. Pentagon Jr. bashes Mil Muertes a bunch of times before tossing him into the ring. From the top rope comes Mysterio with another dive. Prince Puma adds extra weight to the cover and Mil Muertes has been eliminated! Catrina is dumbfounded. An enraged Catrina starts scolding Pentagon Jr.’s Maestro Vampiro kicking him out of The Temple and slapping him across the face. As this is going on the Aztec Warfare match clock is still counting down. But Mil Muertes was the final entrant? Suddenly at the entrance former Temple and Lucha Underground owner Dario Cueto appears. He tells the crowd that he is back and he is the boss of The Temple. As the boss he informs everyone there is another entrant in Aztec Warfare, his brother “The Monster” Matanza Cueto! Down the steps walks this giant beast wearing a blood stained jumpsuit and a black mask.

The remaining fighters gang up on Matanza but they are no match for him. He sends them flying out of the ring leaving just the current champion Fenix. Fenix goes for the attack but gets hit with a brutal tornado powerslam. Fenix is eliminated. Tonight we will have a new Lucha Underground champion.

Mack tries to Stunner Matanza and gets dropped on his dome and eliminated. Aerostar suffers the same fate. Texano is eliminated via powerbomb. Chavo goes hiding and Matanza spots a handcuffed Joey Ryan. I can say unequivocally that his plan was not a smart one. Matanza goes after his next prey and rips the bar Ryan is handcuffed to with ease! Joey Ryan is eliminated after three gut-wrench slams in succession. Dario’s brother is definitely on a roll. At first it seems like the remaining fighters Chavo, Rey, Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. have no choice but to team together. When they’re about to attack Chavo turns the tables and attacks everyone on the outside! Dragon Azteca is rolled to the inside and he knows he has no choice but to fight “The Monster”. To be fair Dragon Azteca Jr. probably had the best showing against Matanza. That isn’t saying much because with everything he did he didn’t even get Matanza off his feet not once. Oh, and he got eliminated by almost getting chokeslammed through the ring. Chavo pleads with Dario to form some sort of alliance with his brother to which Dario agrees, or so we thought. Matanza takes out Chavo and eliminates him with a standing shooting star press. All that is left is Puma and Rey to fight off Matanza.

It’s just not fair. Try as they might they are no match. Rey gets dumped outside with ease and Matanza kills off Puma with a low angle Saito suplex, a gut-wrench throw, then a German suplex to cap it off. Can the surprise entrant Rey Mysterio be Lucha Underground’s saving grace?


He tried. He tried really hard. He even got to hit a 619 actually. It still wasn’t enough. After the 619 he looks to drop the dime but gets caught. Matanza throws him around and hits him with revolution powerslam that by God almost kills Rey Mysterio. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto is your new Lucha Underground Champion.

The two brothers celebrate in the ring as we close the show. Things are about to get really interesting in The Temple.

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