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Lucha Underground Recap – S02E10: El Jefe is Back!


Last week’s Aztec Warfare was brutal, violent, and shocking to say the least. We have a new champion and Dario Cueto has returned to takeover The Temple. Let’s see what this week has in store for us.

Written by: Erik Vasquez

The show opens with Dario Cueto announcing that there will be a new Trios tournament as well as a new number one contender for his brother’s Lucha Underground championship. He is interrupted by Pentagon Jr. who says the only reason Matanza Cueto won the championship is because he wasn’t involved in the previous week’s Aztec Warfare. Dario says with all due respect Pentagon Jr. really isn’t championship material. Pentagon Jr. grabs Dario and threatens to break his arm unless he gives him a championship match against his brother Matanza Cueto. He gives in and the match is set.
Johnny Mundo and Taya vs. Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro

Pretty standard match although I will say this is the best I’ve seen Cisco and Castro look. Taya handled much of the offense. I wonder if there’s anything to make of Mundo tagging in when Taya had things well in hand and then tagging out when things got a little hectic. It especially didn’t look good when Cage made an appearance sending Mundo backpedaling like a coward. Cisco and Castro pick up the win with an assisted lung blower combo.
Marty “The Moth” Martinez gives us a little backstory into his family’s tribe and the role of his sister Mariposa. The Moth Tribe once ruled over all of the Aztec tribes. Known for their immense wealth soon the other tribes became jealous and tried to take the wealth and rule from the Moth Tribe. Mariposa is more like the family assassin as the vignette shows her taking down luchadors with ease. Is Marty and his sister Mariposa looking to take over The Temple in Boyle Heights?
Dario Cueto is visited by Catrina in his office. He thanks Catrina for taking such good care of his Temple in his absence. Catrina informs Dario that his brother isn’t the rightful owner of the Lucha Underground championship and sooner or later Death will be coming for what is theirs. Dario says that he and Catrina should work together seeing as though they have a common enemy. Catrina isn’t too fond of the idea it seems.
Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc (c) vs. Disciples of Death (w/ Catrina) for the Trios Championship

This is an elimination style match meaning there is a winner when all three members of the opposing team have either been pinned or made to submit.
Kind of a bummer Ivelisse is the first to suffer a pinfall. She’s just as good as anyone in that match and her skill should always be given time to shine. The DoD guy with the thirteen on his mask is eliminated next after Angelico hits him with a buckle bomb. Purple Guy from DoD eliminated Angelico with a very weird double knee driver and I’m heated because that means no more cool knee strikes from Angelico. So it looks like Son of Havoc is all alone to defend the Trios championship for his team. Havoc does this really cool springboard double stomp on one opponent then double stomps the other DoD guy next to him for an elimination. It looked like something out of Super Mario Bros. Havoc is pirched on the top rope when suddenly Catrina knocks him off while the referee is distracted.  Ivelisse sees this and takes out Catrina! Havoc hits two beautiful topès and a majestic Shooting Star Press for good measure retaining the Trios championship for his team.
Fun match and another good showing from the winning team.
Back in the Temple offices Dario Cueto is in a meeting with the legendary Rey Mysterio Jr. He is here to find out what happened to his mentor Dragon Azteca. He is now dead and there is speculation that Matanza Cueto had something to do with it. Dario says that he knows that his father and Mysterio’s have had a long standing beef with each other but that has nothing to do with Dario or Rey who he respects. He offers Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. spots to compete in Lucha Underground. The two men toast to Dragon Azteca.
Sexy star (w/ The Mack) vs. Mariposa (w/ Marty Martinez)

Quick one. Sexy Star never really got out of the gate with this one. The traumatic experience from Marty and Mariposa’s kidnapping really has her messed up. Mariposa defeats Sexy Star with a Vertebreaker she calls the Butterfly Effect.
After the match Marty Martinez attacks The Mack while he was checking on Sexy Star.
Main Event: Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground championship 

Obviously this was a squash match however I still liked it and here’s why: Matanza is a scary beast. Much like Mil Muertes if you see Matanza, run. With that in mind Pentagon Jr. is not afraid, not even a little bit. I know his whole thing is “cero meido” (Spanish for zero fear) but how can you not be shook even a little at the sight of Matanza? Another thing, Matanza was never taken off his feet. Small thing in a squash match sure, but when a man hits a lung blower and his opponent literally lands right back on his feet that is impressive. Who is gonna stop Matanza?
After the match color commentator and former wrestler Vampiro checks on his pupil Pentagon Jr. and is attacked by Matanza. Pentagon Jr. tries to make the save but catches a beating then is powerbombed through the announcer’s table. Wow. That’s it for this episode.

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