SmackDown Recap – 4/7/16

Here is a recap of the 4/7/16 edition of WWE SmackDown.

Written by: Angela Delgado

Roman Reigns opens the show with a loud mixed reaction. Mostly cheers but you can definitely hear the boos. Looks like producers didn’t drown out anything. Maybe a start of a turn but who knows. Don’t get me wrong, I love Roman Reigns but it’s hard to believe he’s already a three time champ. Booking really messed up. He says it doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him. He’s THE guy and will beat AJ Styles. And speak of the devil, AJ Styles makes his way to the ring. He shakes his hand and congratulates Roman but quickly says he’s had a HECK of a Monday night. I loved the emphasis on THE word “word” in this promo. This was a great face to face between the two. It’s fresh and I can’t wait to see what they offer.

The Vaudevillians def. The Lucha Dragons in their main roster debut

Not much reaction from the crowd for the former NXT Tag Champs. They did look impressive and can be major players in the tag team division. Nice for them to get a win in their debut but not so nice of Kalisto, the United States Champion, taking the pin. I hope they give Kalisto a legit contender for the title soon.

Natalya def. Summer Rae

It looks like we’re getting another Charlotte vs Natalya program for the Women’s Title. I’m okay with this because these two ladies can go. Though I love Sasha and Becky, have them build feuds within the Women’s Division and make it legit. By the Summer, we should see a new Women’s Champ. (I hope it’s Sasha but Becky would be ok too)

The Miz def. Zack Ryder to retain the Intercontinental Championship

So Maryse is officially back. Reports are saying she will be added to the Total Divas cast. Nice to see her back. Not sure we’ll see her wrestle again but she’ll be a great valet to her real life hubby, The Miz. This was an awesome match. Zack Ryder looked impressive. And The Miz continues one of the best heels in the business. Though Zack loses, thanks to Maryse’s distraction, I hope he stays in the IC Title picture.

Apollo Crews def. Curtis Axel

The Social Outcasts played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would compete. Axel got the nod by using an Axe…. yeah. Congrats, son of Curt Hennig, you got squashed by an NXT upstart. I don’t know if he’s permanent stay in the main roster, but Apollo is better off in NXT for the time being. With Baron Corbin already making a name for himself, Crews can be the face once big names like Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are in the main roster.

Becky Lynch is sporting a real shiner in her backstage promo. An Emma vs Becky Lynch rivalry in the Woman’s division will be money.

Dean Ambrose def. Tyler Breeze in a squash

Dean Ambrose is coming off is underwhelming match at Wrestlemania with Brock Lesnar. With the World Title picture already set for now, where does Dean belong in all this? Time will tell.

AJ Styles and Cesaro def. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

These four Superstars tore the house down Monday with their Fatal Four Way match and why not close Smackdown with the same guys! Great match with some hilarious back and forth between Owens and Jericho. The show ends with an injured Sami Zayn coming to the ring ready for a fight. And the two go at it.

And that’s Smackdown. Did you enjoy the show and are you ready for what the WWE has to offer post Mania? Follow me and The Wrestling Chronicle on Twitter and give the Piledriver Podcast a listen as well!

See you next week!



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