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Lucha Underground Recap – Bird of War (S02E11)

Last week we saw “The Monster” Matanza Cueto in his first title defense against Pentagon Jr. The end result saw Pentagon Jr. being put through the announce table and his maestro Vampiro attacked. What does Dario and his monster brother Matanza have in store for The Temple this week?

Written by: Erik Vasquez

The show opens with Vampiro in the bathroom holding a prescription pill bottle. Dario Cueto enters and antagonizes Vampiro by mentioning what happened last week. Dario knows that Vampiro wants to gets his hands on both Cueto brothers but is Vampiro willing to go to that dark place?
Now to the police station where Joey Ryan and an undercover Ricky Reyes aka Cortez Castro are updating their superior on Dario Cueto. Ryan informs her that he has entered himself, Castro, and Castro’s partner Mr. Cisco in the Trios Championship Tournament. Castro, or Reyes I guess, doesn’t look too thrilled.
Dario Cueto has granted Fenix a rematch for later tonight against Matanza.
Ivelisse vs. Kobra Moon

This was a really really good mat based match filled with great grappling work from both women. Ivelisse continues ascending to the top of the list of performers on the Lucha Underground roster. Kobra Moon is really good as well. This entire roster is stacked when it comes to female competition.
Ivelisse picks up the win with an interesting sunset flip bomb.

After the match we get a nice vignette on Lucha Underground member Killshot. His story is he was in the military, my guess is some sort of special ops sniper class, when he and his squad were ambushed. He made it out alive in a gun battle straight out of Call of Duty however his squad had disappeared and the military said everyone was killed in action, clearly not true. So now Killshot roams the Earth as a completely faceless fighter with no real identity. His hope is that one day his missing squad brothers find their way home.

Famous B gives Mascarita Sagrada his sells speech on how to get fame. The Mack informs Sexy Star that he has been forced to team with Marty “The Moth” and his sister Mariposa in the Trios Tournament. He asks Sexy Star if she could be in his corner for moral support but she is still too traumatized to do that.

A question mark appeared on the Lucha Underground billboard atop The Temple in Boyle Heights.

Joey Ryan and The Crew vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mariposa, and The Mack

This was a very enjoyable match. Nothing flashy, it was more the story for both teams going into this match. We know about the history between Mack and the Moths, will they be able to function as a unit? I may have said the said this in the previous recap but this was the best performance from The Crew since their inception. Not to mention the crowd seems to really be on their side as well. Differences cause the downfall of the Moth/Mack team as Marty and Mack come to blows. The Crew has this well in hand but Joey Ryan pops in and steal the win for his team. Hey a win is a win I guess.

After the match Mariposa attacks The Mack. Out comes Sexy Star who protects Mack from any more blows. Star looks hesitant at first but something in her must’ve snapped because she went crazy on Mariposa sending her and Marty running.

After the break we find Dragon Azteca Jr. on the rooftop of The Temple underneath the question marked billboard. He is joined by Rey Mysterio who advises him that revenge will come in time for the death of his and Rey’s mentor Dragon Azteca. Mysterio informs him that he and Dragon Azteca Jr. have been entered in the Trios Tournament. Their partner? Prince Puma. This is shaping up to be a great tournament.

Main Event: Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship

Fenix tried his hardest using his speed and quick strikes but it still was no match for the power of Matanza. This guy is like Brock Lesnar with a mask. Complete disregard for the health of his opponent it’s just potato pounds for Fenix. This one goes to the outside but even there Fenix is squashed, literally. Matanza makes quick work.

After the match Matanza continues to pound away at the skull of Fenix. At the top of the stairs Catrina yells to stop distracting Matanza from the incoming Mil Muertes! The former champion pounds on Matanza sending him to the outside. Fenix struggles to make it to his feet. We all know the history between he and Mil Muertes. Catching everyone off guard Mil Muertes shows Fenix mercy as the show closes.

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