SmackDown Recap – 4/28/16

Angela Delgado gives us a rundown of what happened during the 4/28/16 edition of SmackDown!

Roman Reigns opens Smackdown talking about his match with AJ Styles. Seems WWE aren’t editing out the boos as much so maybe they’re on to something. Miz interrupts then gets Superman punched. So that leads to a match between the two later on.

Kalisto, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro def. The League of Nations via count out

It finally happened…The League of Nations finally broke up. After taking turns tagging each other to beat down Kalisto, they have a shoving match. Alberto Del Rio was the first to ditch the team. Then Rusev follows leaving Sheamus alone in the ring taking a series of uppercuts. Cesaro was going for the swing but Sheamus left and the match was over. Not much of a showing for Kalisto, Zayn, and Cesaro. This was just to showcase the break up. Now what’s next for former League of Nations? Who will be face? Or will they all be heel and continue in a singles push? All three of these guys can be in line for a title shot after AJ Styles. I hope Rusev gets the bigger push. He’s grown on me. His promos are hilarious.

A special look at the long history and rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Once again, the WWE production team knocks it out the park and I can’t wait for this match on Sunday.

Baron Corbin def. Damien Sandow

This match didn’t start on Monday night due to Dolph Ziggler attacking Baron Corbin from behind. So lucky for us, we finally get to see this match! Poor Sandow.

The Ambrose Asylum feat. Natalya and the WWE Women’s Championship Charlotte

Before the interview Dean Ambrose goes off on Jericho about putting him in the Walls on the announce. He says this Sunday he’s going to be staring at the guy who he would be turning Bon Jovi into Meatloaf. Classic line from Ambrose.

Now the actual interview. Charlotte is coming to her own on the mic and Natalya is a pro and this is going to be one hell of a match even though we’ve seen it three times before. There’s no doubt these women can go. If you’ve noticed during this segment, it was edited. In case you missed it, during the tapings on Tuesday, Ric Flair told Nattie she was out of her mind and to go kill herself. Yikes. The Nature Boy is having one roller coaster of a week. Here’s the clip if you missed it. Not the greatest thing to say after former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna died as a result of an accidental overdose.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel

Before the match, The New Day made their way to the announce table and kicked Muaro, The King out and made Byron sit on the floor. Petition to make The New Day as the Smackdown announce team. Mauro can stay too.

The match ended with Enzo and Cass calling The Vaudevillians S-A-W-F-T.

Here’s a pic of a sad Byron Saxton.. More like SADxton…..I’ll show myself out.

Backstage hijinks with Goldust and R-Truth. R-Truth found another partner in Tyler Breeze or “T-Breezy” as he called him. They are now known as the Gorgeous Truth. I don’t always include these segments in my recaps because they aren’t relevant but I had to include it because of R-Truth’s bootleg selfie stick made of a tree branch.

Apollo Crews def. Stardust

A rematch from Monday with same results…Can we get Apollo a real story? Oh, he’s just happy to be there!

Roman Reigns def. The Miz

AJ Styles is sitting ringside.

The Miz back in the main event!…even though it’s on Smackdown. He held his own against the World Champ but wasn’t enough. Reigns hit the spear for the win. Styles and Reigns meet in the ring for a stare down until Gallows and Anderson made their way to the ring. This was a great ending to the show and things are going to get even more interesting at Payback. Do we see Finn Balor? Does Roman align himself with Gallows and Anderson? (God, I hope not)

And that’s Smackdown! Are you hyped for Payback? Follow me and The Wrestling Chronicle on Twitter.

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