NXT Recap – 5/4/16

Erik here filling in for Angie with a recap for the 5/4 edition of NXT!

Written by: Erik Vasquez

New NXT Champion Samoa Joe opens the show. Today marks a new era in NXT according to Joe, and he is the man that runs the place now. Suddenly music hits and out comes what I’m guessing to be a new signee, Eric Young! For those that don’t know Young was once a huge part of the TNA Impact Wrestling roster as one of the veterans who consistently had solid performances in ring. Young says that he knows a lot about Joe and Joe about him. One thing Joe should know is that EY is a collector of championships. The two stare down each other and Joe exits. Now, one would think this makes the new champion come off as a coward but before Samoa Joe exits he tells EY that he doesn’t even belong in the same ring as him and the next time he is, Samoa Joe is going to choke him out. Strong statement from the new champ.

Nia Jax def. Tessa Blanchard
This was pretty much a squash match. Nothing really to note on this one. I wonder what impressions Tessa has left for the higher ups of NXT/WWE…
Austin Aries def. Tye Dillinger
This was a very good match especially during the closing sequences where it looked like Tye was going to squeak out a victory. Despite being the designated guy to make the new signees look good Dillinger is massively over with the home crowd. Hopefully he gains a new more prominent role soon.
The Revival def. Hype Bros
Pretty much what you would expect from The Revival and that’s not a bad thing. They expertly cut off Zack Ryder from his partner Mojo Rawley by wearing Zack down with rest holds. Mojo finally was able to get tagged into the match but before he could quicken the pace Dash and Dawson catch him off guard with a blind tag right into the Shatter Machine.
We head backstage to get a word from Alex Riley. At this point I can barely contain my laughter because it’s Alex Riley making the case why he, a self professed raging lunatic, is far better than his opponent next week Shinsuke Nakamura. I’m guessing this was his last televised match because as we know he was one of the many performers released by WWE this week. Alex Riley. Thank you for the awesome theme song, your crappy long hair, getting kicked by Kevin Owens for no reason, and for sounding like the Create a Wrestler guy on WWE 2K16.

No Way Jose beat some jamoke named Noah. This guy dances and has a pretty sweet theme. I can dig it.
Backstage we get a word from Austin Aries on the incredible start to his NXT career. He says despite his success so far, it seems like he’s just flying under the radar at NXT. That’s fine with him because everywhere he’s gone he has found his way to the top.
Bàlor returns. Next week.
Samoa Joe def. Eric Young
If you love a match that’s heavy on the punches then you’ll love this one as 90% of the match was each man throwing absolute potatoes. Eric Young was really impressive In his NXT debut and while I wasn’t a huge fan of his run in TNA, I hope to see him more in NXT.
That’s it for this edition of NXT. Angie should be back next week. Shoot her a follow on Twitter as well as The Wrestling Chronicle!



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