Cruiserweight Classic

Mailbag Monday – British Wrestling, Brand Split, and Indy HOF?

Trying something new for the site, a weekly mailbag post where I answer your wrestling related questions sent in via social media. Nothing is off limits, totally uncensored. Time to have some fun.

The British wrestling scene is definitely on the rise. Tons of great talent from across the pond are getting exposure in other areas which in turn helps British based companies like PROGRESS, Rev Pro, and the brand new WCPW are helping put eyes on workers like Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr., Big Beard Damo, Mark Andrews, and more. Thanks to the coming WWE Cruiserweight Classic WWE fans will get exposure to guys like Noam Dar, and Jack Gallagher.

This was a fun one to answer. Who wouldn’t want to see Nattie and Cesaro vs. Sasha Banks and Sami Zayn? The partners would compliment each other and would put on solid performances with their opponents.

As a kid never failed me. These days is a pretty reliable source to get information on breaking news and rumors verified by credible soures. As with any wrestling news site, nothing is ever 100% true unless it actually happens.


This dude had a great look. I can’t for the life of me remember anything he did. Ever.

Wrestling much like other pro sports has always been about being number one. Now we have to accept there is two number one’s? Under the same company umbrella? For this to actually work both brands are going to have to work incredibly hard to be vastly different from it’s counterpart. Even with both brands being WWE, they should never cross paths in action or story. That is the only way to believe two champions makes sense.

The question was if there was a Hall of Fame for Independent Wrestling who would be my first three inductees? I hate you @ZekeDane.


Chuck Taylor’s Awful Waffle. Enough said.

That’s all the questions this week! Shoot us a message on any of these social avenues to get your questions on the site. The more questions, the more fun this is! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question!

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