Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: Monster Meets Monster

Continuing with our catch up of Lucha Underground we go back to The Temple in Boyle Heights where I’m sure Dario Cueto has something planned.

Written by: Erik Vasquez
The show opens in Dario’s office where he is joined by Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix. Dario’s original plan was to have all three men compete in the Trios Tournament in what he considered a dream team scenario. This same team was in last year’s tournament and was eliminated in the first round do to Aerostar and Drago not getting along. This year Fenix will be forced to team with PJ Black and Jack Evans to take on the Disciples of Death. Aerostar and Drago will be their new found friendship on the line when they face each other. Winner of that match will receive one of the gold Aztec Medallions.
Drago vs. Aerostar
Really fun match that wasn’t too flashy but it did a really good job of showcasing the lucha libre style of wrestling. Quick strikes, minimal to no rest holds, and lots of maneuvers using the ropes. Aerostar tried to show some good sportsmanship but Drago wasn’t having any of it. Funny how in season one Drago was a huge stand out and this season he’s just kind of there. As Matt Striker put it, seems like Drago is in a bit of a sophomore slump. I was really surprised at the outcome of the match as well as the sudden victory from Aerostar, but maybe that is just the Drago fan in me talking. Maybe this will create a chip on Drago’s shoulder? If so I’m all for that.
Taya informs her pal Johnny Mundo has to face Cage for a Aztec Medallion. Here’s the kicker, the match will happen inside a steel cage. Cage in a cage! Ha! That’s funny.
PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Fenix vs. Disciples of Death
Another fun match with a ton of interesting tidbits. For the majority of the contest Evans wanted no part of the action which began to annoy Black. Since Evans was of no help Black had no choice but to rely on Fenix and even that almost didn’t work out. Lots of fun, acrobatic dives. Also great work from Evans who contributed about 15% to his team. Evans, Black, and Fenix advance in the Trios Tournament. How will they get along? Also what will Mil Muertes do to the Disciples of Death after they failed him once again? Mil is going to be in one pissed off mood for his Championship Match against Matanza.
When we come back from commercial break we are once again in the office of Dario Cueto. He is joined by the current Trios Champions Son of Havoc, Angelico, and Ivelisse. He informs the trio that they will be competing in this year’s Trios Tournament much to their dislike. They were under the impression that the winners of the Trios Tournament would be declared number one contenders for the Trios Championship but in fact the winners of the tournament will actually become Lucha Underground Trios Champions. Since Dario is a fair man he is giving the champions a free pass straight to the finals. Pretty fair and simple right? Well actually the finals will be a four team trios match where the winner will not only win the Trios Tournament but would become the Lucha Underground Trios Champions. Very interesting.
In the locker room Catrina berates the Disciples of Death for losing and being eliminated from the Trios Tournament. She asks for one good reason why she shouldn’t destroy the group when out of nowhere Trecè (Spanish for 13) rips out the black hearts of both his partners! Catrina seems impressed with the sacrifices and shows Trecè mercy. He absorbs the black hearts of his partners and seems to have gained in power. Scary.
Main Event for the Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs. Mil Muertes
This match was everything you would expect and more. Each man has been more than dominant in their Lucha Underground careers so this is the first real test for either of them. Typical hoss fight that actually spilled into the crowd. Dario tried to distract Mil and although Matanza stopped Mil Muertes from inflicting major pain on Dario, he was temporarily incapacitated. Same thing almost happened to Catrina at the hands of Matanza but Mil Muertes halts the attack with a steel chair to Matanza’s back. As I stated these two battled all throughout the Temple ending up on the roof of Dario Cueto’s office. Mil tried tossing Matanza off the roof but when Matanza wouldn’t budge Mil Muertes stings him with a Flatliner and both men go crashing through the roof! The match ends in a draw with Cueto screaming guerra (war in Spanish) at Catrina. Somehow I don’t think this war is over and I am not complaining.
The show closes with the police commissioner lady Maria getting a visit from someone by the name of Councilman Delgado. He asks that Maria drop the case against Dario Cueto at the request of Delgado’s “boss”. Maria isn’t going to back down and isn’t afraid of the mayor. Funny thing is the mayor isn’t who Delgado is talking about. It’s someone way more important.
That’s the end of the show! I’ll be back tomorrow playing more catch up with Lucha Underground! If you want to check out the previous episode click here.
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