Daniel Bryan

Raw Rapid Recap – 7/18/16; The Night Before the Draft!

Rather than recap an entire three hour program, here are the highlights of Raw!

The show opens with the announcements of the Raw and SmackDown General Managers. Stephanie announces her GM and in a swerve I did not see coming MICK FOLEY will be the GM of Raw.

Seriously, I thought it was definitely going to be Triple H up until I heard the car crash that opens up Foley’s entrance theme. I’m definitely not mad at the pick, Foley’s run as GM of SmackDown was really entertaining. My question is, as I’m sure it is everyone else’s, how is Stephanie and Mick going to get along running the flagship show?

As for the new GM of SmackDown? Looks like WWE’s Ultimate Underdog is now the man in charge. DANIEL BRYAN is the new GM of SmackDown!

Also an interesting nugget from Stephanie, after seeing the initial success of the Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE Network Raw will now feature an exclusive Cruiserweight Division. This is great stuff. 
Super entertaining segment featuring Enzo, Big Cass, John Cena, The Club, and the New Day.

There was a backstage segment between Foley and Bryan. Things started off fun and cheery with both men bringing up similarities between themselves but then things went from cheery to really serious. Both men want their brands to succeed. They both acknowledge that the other is standing in their way. Let the games begin.
The main event between Rollins and Ambrose was a damn barn burner. Easily in the top five Raw main events of 2016. Both brand GMs and Commissioners sat ringside. Here’s where it gets crazy. Referee was in the wrong place and got knocked down. Rollins rebounds and hits a superplex. Both men lock legs and the referees counts three. During the count it was unclear to everyone who actually got the pin. Everyone enters the ring trying to figure this mess out when Stephanie grabs the mic and declares Rollins the winner and new WWE Champion. It’s a pretty good Dusty Finish as wrestling purists would call it. 
I can’t decide whether I enjoyed this ending or not. It gets my interest for tomorrow for something other than the draft itself. Suspenseful endings to Raw hasn’t happened in so long, it’s one of the things I miss most when Raw was at its creative apex. I just wonder if it was the right call for this audience which will no doubt have found fault in whatever finish they would have went with. 
Either way the draft is tomorrow. Big things seem to be on the horizon for WWE overall. I’m excited. You should be too.

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