Dean Ambrose

SmackDown Live! Rapid Recap – 8/23/16; The New Face

Before the show officially starts AJ Styles enters the locker room gloating about his big win over John Cena at SummerSlam. A gloomy Dolph Ziggler is sitting with his head down probably still down about losing his WWE Championship match against Dean Ambrose. Styles calls Ziggler a loser which starts a brawl…Time for SmackDown Live!

SD Live GM Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon unveiled the new Tag Team Titles which will go to the winner of a tournament culminating at Backlash. Also a new Women’s Title will go to the winner of a six pack challenge at Backlash. The unveiling was interrupted by free agent Heath Slater. He’s going to get one final shot to be a SmackDown Superstar but to do this he and a partner Heath is revealing tonight must win the tag team tournament at Backlash. He and his mystery partner win the tournament AND the SmackDown Tag Titles or it’s back to the unemployment line. Dolph and AJ continued brawling to the ring which I guess ends this segment.


Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss via Submission
The Usos def. The Ascension via Pinfall to advance in the Tag Team Tournament

AJ Styles comes down to the ring once again to gloat about beating John Cena at SummerSlam. He crowns himself the new “Face That Runs the Place” and says he should be declared #1 contender for the WWE Championship. Dolph comes down fighting off officials looking to throw hands with AJ some more. A frustrated Daniel Bryan diffuses the situation by making a match between both men tonight. If Aj wins he is the sole #1 contender for the WWE Championship at Backlash. If Dolph wins the match becomes a Triple Threat Match at Backlash in two weeks.

Nikki Bella was supposed to take on Carmella but just as a pre-match interview was about to begin with Renee Young Carmella attacks Nikki. I guess Carmella is a heel now? Interesting.

Much to my surprise (and probably everyone else’s) Randy Orton was on hand stapled skull and all. Orton says he and Lesnar’s paths will cross again. Suddenly Bray Wyatt comes out does his usual “I am a God” freaky stuff which I’m sure will develop into a Wyatt/Orton match.

Heath Slater has found a partner! And it’s a big one at that. None other than Rhyno has volunteered to be Heath’s tag team partner. I say his chances of landing a job has increased exponentially.

The main event between Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles was a very fun watch. No one is on a hotter roll in terms of match quality than AJ Styles. I thought AJ losing Gallows and Anderson would hurt him but he has been amazing as someone who constantly feels the need to remind people he’s got Cena’s number. Talk big but you can back it up definitely is what you get with AJ Styles. A WWE Championship match has been set for Backlash as Champion Dean Ambrose defends his title against AJ Styles.

On a sidenote it’s starting to feel like SmackDown keeps winning the week in terms of show quality against Monday Night Raw. Wonder how long it will last…

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