Daniel Bryan

The Miz and Daniel Bryan’s Heated Exchange From Talking Smack

The SmackDown GM calls the Intercontinental Champion “a coward” which set The Miz off.

Last night on Talking Smack, WWE Network’s SmackDown post show, hosts Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were interrupted by Intercontinental Champion The Miz who was angry the IC Title was not featured in any way on tonight’s episode. Miz felt since tonight was all about showcasing titles that are only exclusive to SmackDown to not include the IC Title is an injustice. He sites his win over Apollo Crews, a clean win, as a reason he should be featured more. While Bryan thought that the match was a good match, he’s more a fan of Crews than he is Miz. He goes on to call The Miz “a coward” which set Miz off and led him to cut the most heated, passionate promo not only of his career but easily the best promo we’ve seen from any Superstar in months. Watch:

How often do we see Daniel Bryan not only come off of a segment on the wrong end but in the wrong completely? What do you expect to happen when you call a man a coward? In front of his wife. Obviously people are going to wonder if this was a scripted part of the show or a completely real off the cuff moment. I don’t have the answers to either of those questions but what I can tell you is social media blew up after this segment was done. Scripted or unscripted? Doesn’t matter. It got people talking.

What did you think of the exchange between Miz and Daniel Bryan? Who was in the right and/or wrong? Comment below or reach out to us on social media:

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