Ember Moon

NXT Recap – 8/24/16

Tonight’s show was taped at the Barclay’s Center presumably before TakeOver: Brooklyn. Should be fun to see NXT TV in a big arena setting.

The show kicks off with Tye Dillinger taking on Wesley Blake. Right off the bat you get a feeling of how popular NXT has become with 15K people chanting “TEN!” for Tye Dillinger. Wesley Blake made his way down to the ring to some weird piano slow tune. The music totally didn’t fit the performer. Blake keeps blowing Tye kisses, I don’t know what that’s about. Dillinger has a great comeback during this match and you really get the feel he could hold his own on the main roster. NXT should capitalize on his rising popularity. He defeated Wesley Blake with the Tye Breaker (fireman’s carry into a neck breaker over the knee).

Go out of your way to check the video package showcasing Bayley’s SummerSlam weekend. It’s really well done, showing why Bayley is so loved.

The video package recapping the main event from TakeOver: Brooklyn was also well done.

TM 61 went up against The Authors of Pain in tonight’s main event. One would think this would be a total squash and while AoP were very dominant in the match, they did get caught off guard a few times in the match, specifically before the bell rang. AoP tried to blitzkreig TM 61 but Miller and Thorne used quick strikes to dump both men to the outside. However once the bell rang it was beatdown central. TM 61 tried valiantly and that’s no joke. When you can get a near fall on one of these guys that is something worth talking about. In the end though the sheer monstrous power of The Authors of Pain is too much for TM 61 as AoP bulldoze them with the leg sweep lariat combo.

That’s all for tonight’s NXT! What did you think of the show? Comment below or reach out to us on social media:

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