Buddy Murphy

NXT Recap – 8/31/16; The Era of Strong Style Begins

Coming off TakeOver Brooklyn II, NEW NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura kicks off the Era of Strong Style!

Tye Dillinger faced Buddy Murphy to start the show. It amazes me that Tye Dillenger hasn’t gotten the call up to the main roster. His character would translate so well with the audience that he could instantly be that over face casual and hardcore fans could get behind. Buddy Murphy continues to impress as well. A couple months of solid matches and wins could make him a big player in the future. Tye picked up the win with his Type Breaker finisher.
Backstage Tommaso Ciampa gives us an update on his partner but ends up catching a major beat down from The Revival. I love that a lot of what The Revival does is a throwback tribute to old school heel tag team tactics.
Steve Cutler took on Kenneth Johnson. Cutler is that “I don’t care if you like me” type which actually kind of works. Kenneth Johnson looks like he can be a star in a few years time. Tall, quick, agile, with serious hops. Cutler got the win with a Fisherman Michinoku Driver. 
Hideo Itami was interviewed and the gist of it was Hideo think Austin Aries is a punk.
Aries really didn’t do himself any favors by bailing on a challenge from Andrade Cien Almas.
No Way Jose took on Angelo Dawkins. Nothing noteworthy on that one. 

Liv Morgan faced Aliyah. Best part about this entire match is Aliyah trashed that horrible lullaby theme and has taken on more of a serious attitude. As for the match, let’s just say I hope these ladies get some more work in at the PC. Way too much hesitation and if you use a roundhouse kick as a finisher you better make sure you can land that sucker. 

Shinsuke Nakamura closed out the show celebrating his Championship victory with the crowd. Nothing major. Shinsuke says Joe’s era is over, now is the era of Strong Style! YeaOh!!

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