SmackDown Live Recap – 9/6/16

The last stop before Backlash!

SmackDown opens with a few of the participants in the SmackDown Women’s Championship 6 Pack Challenge. Obviously the focus was everyone thinks they will be the inaugural champion but they all started yelling at the same time and at that point the segment took a nosedive. Shout out to Alexa Bliss for the sick “trophy husband” burn on Daniel Bryan.

The Miz confronts Bryan and Shane McMahon backstage with a gripe for having to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Miz feels Ziggler is a loser and his undeserving of a shot at the title. Bryan tells Miz that the match will happen and if he doesn’t want it he can hand over his title right now. Miz obviously declines the offer and heads to the ring for his match against Apollo Crews.

Dolph Ziggler joined the commentary team to discuss his match with The Miz during his match with Apollo Crews. The match itself was quite entertaining. Miz went outside and began to jaw jack with Dolph. Crews attempted a baseball slide to the outside but ended in between Dolph and Miz who pushes Apollo into Dolph. Miz rolls Apollo back into the ring and hits him with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Dolph tried jumping Miz but he quickly got out of the ring forgetting his title belt. Instead of retrieving the belt himself with Dolph in the ring, Miz sends his wife Maryse to get the belt. And he says he isn’t a coward?

Bray Wyatt cut a creepy promo about mankind and apex predators and evolution and stuff. You know, the typical Bray Wyatt stuff.

All six women in the 6 Pack Challenge at Backlash took part in a 6 man tag, Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch, and Naomi took on Carmella, Natalya, and Alexa Bliss. This was actually a very entertaining match with the heel team really doing a number on Becky Lynch which set up a nice hot tag for Nikki Bella. Even more interesting was Carmella getting Nikki Bella to tap to her Code of Silence submission. Again very interesting.

The Usos took on American Alpha in a Semi-Final match for the SmackDown Tag Title Tournament. This was a highly anticipated match….and it lasted 30 seconds. Once the bell rang Uso jumped Alpha in what seemed like a good strategy. Alpha was able to rebound rather quickly and hit Grand Amplitude for the win. Usos shake hands like good sportsman then superkick Jason Jordan out of the ring! They jump on Chad Gable and completely dismantle his leg. Is American Alpha going to be able to continue in the Tag Tournament?

Heath Slater and Rhyno faced The Hype Bros in the other Semi-Final Match in the SmackDown Tag Title Tournament. This match was may more competitive than the one before it that’s for sure. Much like what I said last night for Raw, this brand split can really benefit guys like Heath Slater who is now getting more time to shine and the crowd is really getting behind him. He and Rhyno picked up the win thanks to a GORE from Rhyno. Aww look, its all seven of Heath’s kids!

To close out the show WWE Champion faced off with his Backlash opponent AJ Styles. Dean gave AJ a bowling Participation Trophy because to Dean that’s the only trophy AJ is getting from Dean. Styles once again uses the fact that he beat John Cena clean as to why no one should underestimate him. Styles seems to think that everyone else thinks he’s a joke. Well he’s not a joke and proves it by kicking Dean square in the junk. That’s one way to send a message!

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